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Dark Souls 3 Cheat Engine Guide

Latest CE table and guide for Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III Cheat Engine Guide


As of 2021, this repository serves as an archive of the Reverse Souls Dark Souls III cheat table. The most recent table is the The Grand Archives Dark Souls III Cheat Table.

Feel free to visit the general Dark Souls 3 Cheat Engine Discord The Grand Archives.


This document was inspired by Dark Souls II and Scholar of the First Sin Cheat Engine Guide from Atvaark.


Cheat Engine

Tested with latest Cheat Engine 6.8.

Public tables:

alternative mirror




Invalid game data has been detected on your account. The use of invalid data during gameplay is a violation of the online service end user license agreement. You will be penalized if you continue playing with invalid data. Please take this opportunity to remove the invalid data from your system/account and discontinue further use.

Every Tuesday FromSoftware scanning save games on their server. If they detect something “weird” in your last uploaded save game, you will be flagged with this message.

In case you want to play safe online after you’ve received the message, there are two recommended methods.

  1. Make a family share account and play there.
  2. Delete all your Characters, then exit the game and go to C:\Users\(Your-username)\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII\, delete anything in there. Start a new game, the message will still be there but you should be safe. DON’T use Cheat Engine until the message is gone!

Also see information about the Offline mode.

There is an official post from BANDAI NAMCO: Dark Souls III - Restrictions and warning messages, what do they mean?


[CAUTION] YOU HAVE BEEN PENALIZED Invalid game data still remains present on your account; as such your account has now been penalized to restrict your online experience. The use of invalid data during gameplay is a violation of the online service end user license agreement.

It’s the message for the softban. If you haven’t fixed your INVALID GAME DATA message until the next scan or used something that gets you instant banned, you will received this message and will be softbanned. A Softban means, that your account will be connected only to the server with other softbanned people.

To avoid get banned after the INVALID GAME DATA message, follow steps of the next point (How to rid of the INVALID GAME DATA message).

How to rid of the INVALID GAME DATA message

If you have received the [CAUTION] INVALID GAME DATA HAS BEEN DETECTED message, you can rid of it with following steps:

  1. Delete all your characters, because you can’t get sure which Character was detected as “invalid”.
  2. Start a new Character and play with him online, at least once. (This will overwrite your save game on the server, so if they will scan your save game again, your save game will be clean)
  3. Don’t use Cheat Engine or any sort of hacks with this account anymore! (You can test cheats on other accounts with family share, if you want)
  4. After some time (about 4 weeks) the message should be gone.

In this time you can just play on a family share account.


It’s looks like the soft-ban in DS3 is very similar to DS2.
If you are soft-banned you will see the [CAUTION] YOU HAVE BEEN PENALIZED message. A Softban means, that your account will be connected only to the server with other softbanned people.

What does and does not get you banned

Thanks to the reddit user /u/UnfairestFour, who has collected Softban data from last year and made a compilation of it:
An Updated Anti-Cheat Guide.

Cheat Engine debugger crashing the game

If the game crash each time you attaching a CE debugger to it, use another one. Go to Edit->Settings->Debugger Options and switch the “Debugger method” to “Use VEH Debugger”

Offline mode

If you activate the “Offline mode” in your game settings, the save game will still be synced with the server as long as you got an internet connection.
If you want to cheat offline, start steam in offline mode or disable your internet completely.
You can easily disable your network adapter.
Or you can completely block DarkSoulsIII.exe from using internet by adding Inbound and Outbound Firewall rules.

VAC - Valve Anti Cheat

There is no VAC in Dark Souls 3!


Weapon upgrades and infusions represented through ID

Quote from Zanzer:

Here’s a brief explanation about how weapon upgrades and infusions are represented in memory. I will be using decimal notation (not hex) because you will need to use math. Each weapon has a base Item ID value. For example, the Club has the ID 8000000 (decimal). For upgrades, you simply add +1 through +99. So, 8000027 would be a Club +27. Now infusions are a multiple of 100. So for every +100 you’ll cycle through each infusion. For example, 8000500 would be a Crystal Club. While 8000527 would be a Crystal Club +27.

Add the following values to the base Item ID for the specific infusion:
+100 Heavy
+200 Sharp
+300 Refined
+400 Simple
+500 Crystal
+600 Fire
+700 Chaos
+800 Lightning
+900 Deep
+1000 Dark
+1100 Poison
+1200 Blood
+1300 Raw
+1400 Blessed
+1500 Hollow

Upgrade and Infusion video tutorial
Demo video by RandomFromdrone

How to spawn/swap items

Note: Last Pickup Item Highlighted is now Helpers->Item Swap
I made a video for this.

How to create Param Patcher scripts

Here is a video how to create your own Param patching scripts by Thunder Dong (Science Souls).
Thank you Thunder Dong (YouTube link)

Item IDs

Now on the Item ID’s-Side


CE Forum Reason
Zanzer Base table, helped Phokz a lot
Phokz The creator of the main table, has implemented the most stuff.
Turk (aka Pox911) Param Patcher, Access All Bonfires, Upgrade and Shop scripts, pointer to the world flags memory region / other stuff and general help with the table (LUA and stuff)
Zullie the Witch SpStayControl (“Idle Animation”), “Slide”, “Backflip” / tones of other stuff and general help with the table.
ArkTempest (Monarch) Help with research
Mephisto For Vaccum scripts / other stuff
Cielos Noclip, Disable auto follow cam, vertical cam look limit Mod
mgr.inz.Player Item swap helper dialog, Item ID’s etc.
Matze500 For “anti-AC script”
jim2point0 For “fov script”.
Birdulon For google spreadsheet with paramdef stuff
LuceChrome For “Lock Camera State” script
RandomFromdrone Video tutorials
Reverse Souls Reason
Malcolm Reynolds knowledge
Autopilot knowledge, some fixes
Thunder Dong Tutorials
Aerthas Veras contributed
RBT New World flags, Player counter
Ainsley Harriott Param Dumps and Offsets, spreadsheet contribution, some scripts
Pavuk spreadsheet and table contribution, some other stuff
Loki Table Contribution, Help with ASM
The Grand Archives Reason
inuNorii knowledge, table contribution
Ametalon Help with LUA, table contribution
Unfairest Ban data collection, guides
Gáté Param Edits
Lucifer Param Edits
Coinsworth Help with ASM
Spamstein Detect Cheated Stats script
Church Guard Menu Functions scripts
OldSchoolHack Reason
KN4CK3R Awesome tool ReClass.NET, Help with C#, ASM
SilverDeath Help with CE, ASM, IDA Pro
Jeon Help with CE, ASM, IDA Pro
Other Reason
terenceyao first fixed after the second DLC patch
/u/skzRuneStorm Ringed City Item ID’s
dec1337 some fixed after the second DLC patch
/u/MajinCry Kill all mobs in the area script