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Dark Souls 3 Cheat Engine Guide

Latest CE table and guide for Dark Souls 3

Item IDs

Important ID’s Information!

Sometimes you will find multiple ID’s for the same item, always try the last one first!
Example: “Ring of Steel Protection” got two entries, ID 20000078 and ID 20004E48, the 20004E48 is the right one.
There are duplicate item ID’s, because they have added many items from DS1 at first.

Goods (193)

Id Name Note
4000006C Roster of Knights  
4000006F Cracked Red Eye Orb  
400000F0 Divine Blessing  
400000F1 Hidden Blessing  
400000F2 Silver Pendant  
40000104 Green Blossom  
40000106 Budding Green Blossom  
4000010E Bloodred Moss Clump  
4000010F Purple Moss Clump  
40000110 Blooming Purple Moss Clump  
40000112 Purging Stone  
40000114 Rime-blue Moss Clump  
40000118 Repair Powder  
40000122 Kukri  
40000124 Firebomb  
40000125 Dung Pie  
40000126 Alluring Skull  
40000128 Undead Hunter Charm  
40000129 Black Firebomb  
4000012B Rope Firebomb  
4000012C Lightning Urn  
4000012E Rope Black Firebomb  
4000012F Stalk Dung Pie  
40000130 Duel Charm  
40000136 Throwing Knife  
40000137 Poison Throwing Knife  
4000014A Charcoal Pine Resin  
4000014B Gold Pine Resin  
4000014E Human Pine Resin  
4000014F Carthus Rouge  
40000150 Pale Pine Resin  
40000154 Charcoal Pine Bundle  
40000155 Gold Pine Bundle  
40000157 Rotten Pine Resin  
4000015E Homeward Bone  
4000015F Coiled Sword Fragment  
4000016E Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass  
4000016F Human Dregs  
40000170 Forked Pale Tongue  
40000171 Proof of a Concord Well Kept  
40000172 Prism Stone  
40000173 Binoculars  
40000174 Proof of a Concord Kept  
40000175 Pale Tongue  
40000176 Vertebra Shackle  
40000177 Sunlight Medal  
40000179 Dragon Head Stone  
4000017A Dragon Torso Stone  
4000017C Rubbish  
40000181 Dried Finger  
40000183 Twinkling Dragon Head Stone  
40000184 Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone  
40000186 Fire Keeper Soul  
40000190 Fading Soul  
40000191 Soul of a Deserted Corpse  
40000192 Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse  
40000193 Soul of an Unknown Traveler  
40000194 Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler  
40000195 Soul of a Nameless Soldier  
40000196 Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier  
40000197 Soul of a Weary Warrior  
40000198 Large Soul of a Weary Warrior  
40000199 Soul of a Crestfallen Knight  
4000019A Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight  
4000019B Soul of a Proud Paladin  
4000019C Large Soul of a Proud Paladin  
4000019D Soul of an Intrepid Hero  
4000019E Large Soul of an Intrepid Hero  
4000019F Soul of a Seasoned Warrior  
400001A0 Large Soul of a Seasoned Warrior  
400001A1 Soul of an Old Hand  
400001A2 Soul of a Venerable Old Hand  
400001A3 Soul of a Champion  
400001A4 Soul of a Great Champion  
400001B8 Seed of a Giant Tree  
400001C6 Young White Branch  
400001C7 Rusted Coin  
400001C8 Siegbräu  
400001C9 Rusted Gold Coin  
400001CA Blue Bug Pellet  
400001CB Red Bug Pellet  
400001CC Yellow Bug Pellet  
400001CD Black Bug Pellet  
400001CF Young White Branch  
400001EA Dark Sigil  
400001F4 Ember  
40000208 Hello Carving  
40000209 Thank you Carving  
4000020A Very good! Carving  
4000020B I’m sorry Carving  
4000020C Help me! Carving  
400002C8 Soul of Champion Gundyr  
400002C9 Soul of a Wicked Spirit  
400002CA Soul of the Dancer  
400002CB Soul of a Crystal Sage  
400002CD Soul of the Blood of the Wolf  
400002CE Soul of Consumed Oceiros  
400002CF Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt  
400002D0 Soul of the Old Demon King  
400002D1 Soul of Dragonslayer Armour  
400002D2 Soul of the Nameless King  
400002D4 Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn  
400002D5 Soul of Aldrich  
400002D6 Soul of High Lord Wolnir  
400002D7 Soul of the Rotted Greatwood  
400002D8 Soul of Rosaria  
400002D9 Soul of the Deacons of the Deep  
400002DC Soul of Yhorm the Giant  
400002DD Soul of the Lords  
400002E3 Soul of a Demon  
400002E6 Soul of the Twin Princes  
400002E7 Soul of a Stray Demon  
400003E8 Titanite Shard  
400003E9 Large Titanite Shard  
400003EA Titanite Chunk  
400003EB Titanite Slab Ban-Warning, you can have only 15 in one play through!
400003FC Titanite Scale  
40000406 Twinkling Titanite  
4000044C Heavy Gem  
40000456 Sharp Gem  
40000460 Refined Gem  
4000046A Crystal Gem  
40000474 Simple Gem  
4000047E Fire Gem  
40000488 Chaos Gem  
40000492 Lightning Gem  
4000049C Deep Gem  
400004A6 Dark Gem  
400004B0 Poison Gem  
400004BA Blood Gem  
400004C4 Raw Gem  
400004CE Blessed Gem  
400004D8 Hollow Gem  
400004E2 Shriving Stone  
400007D1 Lift Chamber Key  
400007D5 Small Doll  
400007D7 Jailbreaker’s Key  
400007D8 Jailer’s Key Ring  
400007D9 Grave Key  
400007DA Cell Key  
400007DB Dungeon Ground Floor Key  
400007DC Old Cell Key  
400007DD Tower Key  
400007DE Grand Archives Key  
400007DF Tower Key  
40000836 Small Lothric Banner  
40000837 Farron Coal  
40000838 Sage’s Coal  
40000839 Giant’s Coal  
4000083A Profaned Coal  
4000083B Mortician’s Ashes  
4000083C Dreamchaser’s Ashes  
4000083D Paladin’s Ashes  
4000083E Grave Warden’s Ashes  
4000083F Greirat’s Ashes  
40000840 Orbeck’s Ashes  
40000841 Cornyx’s Ashes  
40000842 Karla’s Ashes  
40000843 Irina’s Ashes  
40000844 Yuria’s Ashes  
40000845 Basin of Vows  
40000846 Loretta’s Bone  
40000847 Braille Divine Tome of Carim  
40000848 Braille Divine Tome of Lothric  
4000084B Cinders of a Lord  
4000084C Cinders of a Lord  
4000084D Cinders of a Lord  
4000084E Cinders of a Lord  
4000084F Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome  
40000850 Carthus Pyromancy Tome  
40000851 Izalith Pyromancy Tome  
40000852 Quelana Pyromancy Tome  
40000853 Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome  
40000854 Sage’s Scroll  
40000855 Logan’s Scroll  
40000856 Crystal Scroll  
40000857 Transposing Kiln  
40000859 Coiled Sword  
4000085A Eyes of a Fire Keeper  
4000085B Sword of Avowal  
4000085C Golden Scroll  
4000085D Estus Shard  
4000085E Hawkwood’s Swordgrass  
4000085F Undead Bone Shard  
40000860 Deep Braille Divine Tome  
40000861 Londor Braille Divine Tome  
40000862 Excrement-covered Ashes  
40000863 Prisoner Chief’s Ashes  
40000864 Xanthous Ashes  
40000865 Hollow’s Ashes  
40000866 Patches’ Ashes  
40000867 Dragon Chaser’s Ashes  
40000868 Easterner’s Ashes  

Gestures (33)

40002328 | Beckon | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002329 | Point forward | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000232A | Hurrah! | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000232B | Bow | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000232C | Jump for joy | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000232D | Duel bow | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000232E | Wave | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000232F | Praise the Sun | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002330 | Point up | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002331 | Point down | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002334 | Prostration | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002335 | Proper bow | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002336 | Prayer | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002337 | Welcome | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002338 | Joy | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002339 | My thanks! | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000233A | Rejoice | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000233B | Rest | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000233C | By my sword | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000233D | Dignified bow | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000233F | Curl up | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002340 | Stretch out | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002341 | Call over | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002342 | Collapse | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002343 | Quiet Resolve | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002344 | Patches Squat | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002345 | Applause | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002346 | Path of the Dragon | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002347 | Legion Etiquette | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002348 | Darkmoon Loyalty | Gestures can’t be picked up! 40002349 | Sleep | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000234A | Toast | Gestures can’t be picked up! 4000234B | Silent Ally | Gestures can’t be picked up!

Ammunition (18)

Id Name Note
00061A80 Standard Arrow  
00061AE4 Fire Arrow  
00061B48 Poison Arrow  
00061BAC Large Arrow  
00061C10 Feather Arrow  
00061C74 Moonlight Arrow  
00061CD8 Wood Arrow  
00061D3C Dark Arrow  
00062250 Dragonslayer Greatarrow  
00062318 Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow  
0006237C Onislayer Greatarrow  
00062A20 Standard Bolt  
00062A84 Heavy Bolt  
00062AE8 Sniper Bolt  
00062B4C Wood Bolt  
00062BB0 Lightning Bolt  
00062C14 Splintering Bolt  
00062C78 Exploding Bolt  

Weapons (2202)

Id Name Note
0001ADB0 Fists  
000F4240 Dagger  
000F42A4 Heavy Dagger  
000F4308 Sharp Dagger  
000F436C Refined Dagger  
000F43D0 Simple Dagger  
000F4434 Crystal Dagger  
000F4498 Fire Dagger  
000F44FC Chaos Dagger  
000F4560 Lightning Dagger  
000F45C4 Deep Dagger  
000F4628 Dark Dagger  
000F468C Poison Dagger  
000F46F0 Blood Dagger  
000F4754 Raw Dagger  
000F47B8 Blessed Dagger  
000F481C Hollow Dagger  
000F6950 Bandit’s Knife  
000F69B4 Heavy Bandit’s Knife  
000F6A18 Sharp Bandit’s Knife  
000F6A7C Refined Bandit’s Knife  
000F6AE0 Simple Bandit’s Knife  
000F6B44 Crystal Bandit’s Knife  
000F6BA8 Fire Bandit’s Knife  
000F6C0C Chaos Bandit’s Knife  
000F6C70 Lightning Bandit’s Knife  
000F6CD4 Deep Bandit’s Knife  
000F6D38 Dark Bandit’s Knife  
000F6D9C Poison Bandit’s Knife  
000F6E00 Blood Bandit’s Knife  
000F6E64 Raw Bandit’s Knife  
000F6EC8 Blessed Bandit’s Knife  
000F6F2C Hollow Bandit’s Knife  
000F9060 Parrying Dagger  
000F90C4 Heavy Parrying Dagger  
000F9128 Sharp Parrying Dagger  
000F918C Refined Parrying Dagger  
000F91F0 Simple Parrying Dagger  
000F9254 Crystal Parrying Dagger  
000F92B8 Fire Parrying Dagger  
000F931C Chaos Parrying Dagger  
000F9380 Lightning Parrying Dagger  
000F93E4 Deep Parrying Dagger  
000F9448 Dark Parrying Dagger  
000F94AC Poison Parrying Dagger  
000F9510 Blood Parrying Dagger  
000F9574 Raw Parrying Dagger  
000F95D8 Blessed Parrying Dagger  
000F963C Hollow Parrying Dagger  
000FDE80 Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FDEE4 Heavy Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FDF48 Sharp Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FDFAC Refined Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE010 Simple Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE074 Crystal Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE0D8 Fire Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE13C Chaos Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE1A0 Lightning Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE204 Deep Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE268 Dark Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE2CC Poison Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE330 Blood Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE394 Raw Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE3F8 Blessed Rotten Ghru Dagger  
000FE45C Hollow Rotten Ghru Dagger  
00102CA0 Harpe  
00102D04 Heavy Harpe  
00102D68 Sharp Harpe  
00102DCC Refined Harpe  
00102E30 Simple Harpe  
00102E94 Crystal Harpe  
00102EF8 Fire Harpe  
00102F5C Chaos Harpe  
00102FC0 Lightning Harpe  
00103024 Deep Harpe  
00103088 Dark Harpe  
001030EC Poison Harpe  
00103150 Blood Harpe  
001031B4 Raw Harpe  
00103218 Blessed Harpe  
0010327C Hollow Harpe  
001053B0 Scholar’s Candlestick  
00107AC0 Tailbone Short Sword  
0010A1D0 Corvian Greatknife  
0010A234 Heavy Corvian Greatknife  
0010A298 Sharp Corvian Greatknife  
0010A2FC Refined Corvian Greatknife  
0010A360 Simple Corvian Greatknife  
0010A3C4 Crystal Corvian Greatknife  
0010A428 Fire Corvian Greatknife  
0010A48C Chaos Corvian Greatknife  
0010A4F0 Lightning Corvian Greatknife  
0010A554 Deep Corvian Greatknife  
0010A5B8 Dark Corvian Greatknife  
0010A61C Poison Corvian Greatknife  
0010A680 Blood Corvian Greatknife  
0010A6E4 Raw Corvian Greatknife  
0010A748 Blessed Corvian Greatknife  
0010A7AC Hollow Corvian Greatknife  
00111700 Handmaid’s Dagger  
001E8480 Shortsword  
001E84E4 Heavy Shortsword  
001E8548 Sharp Shortsword  
001E85AC Refined Shortsword  
001E8610 Simple Shortsword  
001E8674 Crystal Shortsword  
001E86D8 Fire Shortsword  
001E873C Chaos Shortsword  
001E87A0 Lightning Shortsword  
001E8804 Deep Shortsword  
001E8868 Dark Shortsword  
001E88CC Poison Shortsword  
001E8930 Blood Shortsword  
001E8994 Raw Shortsword  
001E89F8 Blessed Shortsword  
001E8A5C Hollow Shortsword  
001EAB90 Long Sword  
001EABF4 Heavy Longsword  
001EAC58 Sharp Longsword  
001EACBC Refined Longsword  
001EAD20 Simple Longsword  
001EAD84 Crystal Longsword  
001EADE8 Fire Longsword  
001EAE4C Chaos Longsword  
001EAEB0 Lightning Longsword  
001EAF14 Deep Longsword  
001EAF78 Dark Longsword  
001EAFDC Poison Longsword  
001EB040 Blood Longsword  
001EB0A4 Raw Longsword  
001EB108 Blessed Longsword  
001EB16C Hollow Longsword  
001ED2A0 Broadsword  
001ED304 Heavy Broadsword  
001ED368 Sharp Broadsword  
001ED3CC Refined Broadsword  
001ED430 Simple Broadsword  
001ED494 Crystal Broadsword  
001ED4F8 Fire Broadsword  
001ED55C Chaos Broadsword  
001ED5C0 Lightning Broadsword  
001ED624 Deep Broadsword  
001ED688 Dark Broadsword  
001ED6EC Poison Broadsword  
001ED750 Blood Broadsword  
001ED7B4 Raw Broadsword  
001ED818 Blessed Broadsword  
001ED87C Hollow Broadsword  
001EF9B0 Broken Straight Sword  
001EFA14 Broken Heavy Straight Sword  
001EFA78 Broken Sharp Straight Sword  
001EFADC Broken Refined Straight Sword  
001EFB40 Broken Simple Straight Sword  
001EFBA4 Broken Crystal Straight Sword  
001EFC08 Broken Fire Straight Sword  
001EFC6C Broken Chaos Straight Sword  
001EFCD0 Broken Lightning Straight Sword  
001EFD34 Broken Deep Straight Sword  
001EFD98 Broken Dark Straight Sword  
001EFDFC Broken Poison Straight Sword  
001EFE60 Broken Blood Straight Sword  
001EFEC4 Broken Raw Straight Sword  
001EFF28 Broken Blessed Straight Sword  
001EFF8C Broken Hollow Straight Sword  
001F6EE0 Lothric Knight Sword  
001F6F44 Heavy Lothric Sword  
001F6FA8 Sharp Lothric Sword  
001F700C Refined Lothric Sword  
001F7070 Simple Lothric Sword  
001F70D4 Crystal Lothric Sword  
001F7138 Fire Lothric Sword  
001F719C Chaos Lothric Sword  
001F7200 Lightning Lothric Sword  
001F7264 Deep Lothric Sword  
001F72C8 Dark Lothric Sword  
001F732C Poison Lothric Sword  
001F7390 Blood Lothric Sword  
001F73F4 Raw Lothric Sword  
001F7458 Blessed Lothric Sword  
001F74BC Hollow Lothric Sword  
00203230 Sunlight Straight Sword  
00205940 Rotten Ghru Curved Sword  
002059A4 Heavy Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205A08 Sharp Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205A6C Refined Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205AD0 Simple Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205B34 Crystal Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205B98 Fire Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205BFC Chaos Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205C60 Lightning Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205CC4 Deep Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205D28 Dark Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205D8C Poison Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205DF0 Blood Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205E54 Raw Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205EB8 Blessed Rotten Ghru Sword  
00205F1C Hollow Rotten Ghru Sword  
0020A760 Irithyll Straight Sword  
0020F580 Cleric’s Candlestick  
002143A0 Morion Blade  
002191C0 Astora Straight Sword  
00219224 Heavy Astora Sword  
00219288 Sharp Astora Sword  
002192EC Refined Astora Sword  
00219350 Simple Astora Sword  
002193B4 Crystal Astora Sword  
00219418 Fire Astora Sword  
0021947C Chaos Astora Sword  
002194E0 Lightning Astora Sword  
00219544 Deep Astora Sword  
002195A8 Dark Astora Sword  
0021960C Poison Astora Sword  
00219670 Blood Astora Sword  
002196D4 Raw Astora Sword  
00219738 Blessed Astora Sword  
0021979C Hollow Astora Sword  
0021B8D0 Barbed Straight Sword  
0021B934 Heavy Barbed Sword  
0021B998 Sharp Barbed Sword  
0021B9FC Refined Barbed Sword  
0021BA60 Simple Barbed Sword  
0021BAC4 Crystal Barbed Sword  
0021BB28 Fire Barbed Sword  
0021BB8C Chaos Barbed Sword  
0021BBF0 Lightning Barbed Sword  
0021BC54 Deep Barbed Sword  
0021BCB8 Dark Barbed Sword  
0021BD1C Poison Barbed Sword  
0021BD80 Blood Barbed Sword  
0021BDE4 Raw Barbed Sword  
0021BE48 Blessed Barbed Sword  
0021BEAC Hollow Barbed Sword  
0021DFE0 Executioner’s Greatsword  
002206F0 Anri’s Straight Sword  
002DC6C0 Estoc  
002DC724 Heavy Estoc  
002DC788 Sharp Estoc  
002DC7EC Refined Estoc  
002DC850 Simple Estoc  
002DC8B4 Crystal Estoc  
002DC918 Fire Estoc  
002DC97C Chaos Estoc  
002DC9E0 Lightning Estoc  
002DCA44 Deep Estoc  
002DCAA8 Dark Estoc  
002DCB0C Poison Estoc  
002DCB70 Blood Estoc  
002DCBD4 Raw Estoc  
002DCC38 Blessed Estoc  
002DCC9C Hollow Estoc  
002DEDD0 Mail Breaker  
002DEE34 Heavy Mail Breaker  
002DEE98 Sharp Mail Breaker  
002DEEFC Refined Mail Breaker  
002DEF60 Simple Mail Breaker  
002DEFC4 Crystal Mail Breaker  
002DF028 Fire Mail Breaker  
002DF08C Chaos Mail Breaker  
002DF0F0 Lightning Mail Breaker  
002DF154 Deep Mail Breaker  
002DF1B8 Dark Mail Breaker  
002DF21C Poison Mail Breaker  
002DF280 Blood Mail Breaker  
002DF2E4 Raw Mail Breaker  
002DF348 Blessed Mail Breaker  
002DF3AC Hollow Mail Breaker  
002E14E0 Rapier  
002E1544 Heavy Rapier  
002E15A8 Sharp Rapier  
002E160C Refined Rapier  
002E1670 Simple Rapier  
002E16D4 Crystal Rapier  
002E1738 Fire Rapier  
002E179C Chaos Rapier  
002E1800 Lightning Rapier  
002E1864 Deep Rapier  
002E18C8 Dark Rapier  
002E192C Poison Rapier  
002E1990 Blood Rapier  
002E19F4 Raw Rapier  
002E1A58 Blessed Rapier  
002E1ABC Hollow Rapier  
002E3BF0 Ricard’s Rapier  
002E3C54 Ricard’s Heavy Rapier  
002E3CB8 Ricard’s Sharp Rapier  
002E3D1C Ricard’s Refined Rapier  
002E3D80 Ricard’s Simple Rapier  
002E3DE4 Ricard’s Crystal Rapier  
002E3E48 Ricard’s Fire Rapier  
002E3EAC Ricard’s Chaos Rapier  
002E3F10 Ricard’s Lightning Rapier  
002E3F74 Ricard’s Deep Rapier  
002E3FD8 Ricard’s Dark Rapier  
002E403C Ricard’s Poison Rapier  
002E40A0 Ricard’s Blood Rapier  
002E4104 Ricard’s Raw Rapier  
002E4168 Ricard’s Blessed Rapier  
002E41CC Ricard’s Hollow Rapier  
002E6300 Crystal Sage’s Rapier  
002E8A10 Irithyll Rapier  
003D3010 Shotel  
003D3074 Heavy Shotel  
003D30D8 Sharp Shotel  
003D313C Refined Shotel  
003D31A0 Simple Shotel  
003D3204 Crystal Shotel  
003D3268 Fire Shotel  
003D32CC Chaos Shotel  
003D3330 Lightning Shotel  
003D3394 Deep Shotel  
003D33F8 Dark Shotel  
003D345C Poison Shotel  
003D34C0 Blood Shotel  
003D3524 Raw Shotel  
003D3588 Blessed Shotel  
003D35EC Hollow Shotel  
003D7E30 Scimitar  
003D7E94 Heavy Scimitar  
003D7EF8 Sharp Scimitar  
003D7F5C Refined Scimitar  
003D7FC0 Simple Scimitar  
003D8024 Crystal Scimitar  
003D8088 Fire Scimitar  
003D80EC Chaos Scimitar  
003D8150 Lightning Scimitar  
003D81B4 Deep Scimitar  
003D8218 Dark Scimitar  
003D827C Poison Scimitar  
003D82E0 Blood Scimitar  
003D8344 Raw Scimitar  
003D83A8 Blessed Scimitar  
003D840C Hollow Scimitar  
003DA540 Falchion  
003DA5A4 Heavy Falchion  
003DA608 Sharp Falchion  
003DA66C Refined Falchion  
003DA6D0 Simple Falchion  
003DA734 Crystal Falchion  
003DA798 Fire Falchion  
003DA7FC Chaos Falchion  
003DA860 Lightning Falchion  
003DA8C4 Deep Falchion  
003DA928 Dark Falchion  
003DA98C Poison Falchion  
003DA9F0 Blood Falchion  
003DAA54 Raw Falchion  
003DAAB8 Blessed Falchion  
003DAB1C Hollow Falchion  
003DCC50 Carthus Curved Sword  
003DCCB4 Heavy Carthus Sword  
003DCD18 Sharp Carthus Sword  
003DCD7C Refined Carthus Sword  
003DCDE0 Simple Carthus Sword  
003DCE44 Crystal Carthus Sword  
003DCEA8 Fire Carthus Sword  
003DCF0C Chaos Carthus Sword  
003DCF70 Lightning Carthus Sword  
003DCFD4 Deep Carthus Sword  
003DD038 Dark Carthus Sword  
003DD09C Poison Carthus Sword  
003DD100 Blood Carthus Sword  
003DD164 Raw Carthus Sword  
003DD1C8 Blessed Carthus Sword  
003DD22C Hollow Carthus Sword  
003DF360 Carthus Curved Greatsword  
003DF3C4 Heavy Carthus Greatsword  
003DF428 Sharp Carthus Greatsword  
003DF48C Refined Carthus Greatsword  
003DF4F0 Simple Carthus Greatsword  
003DF554 Crystal Carthus Greatsword  
003DF5B8 Fire Carthus Greatsword  
003DF61C Chaos Carthus Greatsword  
003DF680 Lightning Carthus Greatsword  
003DF6E4 Deep Carthus Greatsword  
003DF748 Dark Carthus Greatsword  
003DF7AC Poison Carthus Greatsword  
003DF810 Blood Carthus Greatsword  
003DF874 Raw Carthus Greatsword  
003DF8D8 Blessed Carthus Greatsword  
003DF93C Hollow Carthus Greatsword  
003E1A70 Pontiff Knight Curved Sword  
003E4180 Storm Curved Sword  
003E6890 Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword  
003E68F4 Painting Guardian’s Heavy Sword  
003E6958 Painting Guardian’s Sharp Sword  
003E69BC Painting Guardian’s Refined Sword  
003E6A20 Painting Guardian’s Simple Sword  
003E6A84 Painting Guardian’s Crystal Sword  
003E6AE8 Painting Guardian’s Fire Sword  
003E6B4C Painting Guardian’s Chaos Sword  
003E6BB0 Painting Guardian’s Lightning Sword  
003E6C14 Painting Guardian’s Deep Sword  
003E6C78 Painting Guardian’s Dark Sword  
003E6CDC Painting Guardian’s Poison Sword  
003E6D40 Painting Guardian’s Blood Sword  
003E6DA4 Painting Guardian’s Raw Sword  
003E6E08 Painting Guardian’s Blessed Sword  
003E6E6C Painting Guardian’s Hollow Sword  
003E8FA0 Crescent Moon Sword  
003EB6B0 Carthus Shotel  
003EB714 Heavy Carthus Shotel  
003EB778 Sharp Carthus Shotel  
003EB7DC Refined Carthus Shotel  
003EB840 Simple Carthus Shotel  
003EB8A4 Crystal Carthus Shotel  
003EB908 Fire Carthus Shotel  
003EB96C Chaos Carthus Shotel  
003EB9D0 Lightning Carthus Shotel  
003EBA34 Deep Carthus Shotel  
003EBA98 Dark Carthus Shotel  
003EBAFC Poison Carthus Shotel  
003EBB60 Blood Carthus Shotel  
003EBBC4 Raw Carthus Shotel  
003EBC28 Blessed Carthus Shotel  
003EBC8C Hollow Carthus Shotel  
004C4B40 Uchigatana  
004C4BA4 Heavy Uchigatana  
004C4C08 Sharp Uchigatana  
004C4C6C Refined Uchigatana  
004C4CD0 Simple Uchigatana  
004C4D34 Crystal Uchigatana  
004C4D98 Fire Uchigatana  
004C4DFC Chaos Uchigatana  
004C4E60 Lightning Uchigatana  
004C4EC4 Deep Uchigatana  
004C4F28 Dark Uchigatana  
004C4F8C Poison Uchigatana  
004C4FF0 Blood Uchigatana  
004C5054 Raw Uchigatana  
004C50B8 Blessed Uchigatana  
004C511C Hollow Uchigatana  
004C7250 Washing Pole  
004C72B4 Heavy Washing Pole  
004C7318 Sharp Washing Pole  
004C737C Refined Washing Pole  
004C73E0 Simple Washing Pole  
004C7444 Crystal Washing Pole  
004C74A8 Fire Washing Pole  
004C750C Chaos Washing Pole  
004C7570 Lightning Washing Pole  
004C75D4 Deep Washing Pole  
004C7638 Dark Washing Pole  
004C769C Poison Washing Pole  
004C7700 Blood Washing Pole  
004C7764 Raw Washing Pole  
004C77C8 Blessed Washing Pole  
004C782C Hollow Washing Pole  
004C9960 Chaos Blade  
004CC070 Black Blade  
004CC0D4 Heavy Black Blade  
004CC138 Sharp Black Blade  
004CC19C Refined Black Blade  
004CC200 Simple Black Blade  
004CC264 Crystal Black Blade  
004CC2C8 Fire Black Blade  
004CC32C Chaos Black Blade  
004CC390 Lightning Black Blade  
004CC3F4 Deep Black Blade  
004CC458 Dark Black Blade  
004CC4BC Poison Black Blade  
004CC520 Blood Black Blade  
004CC584 Raw Black Blade  
004CC5E8 Blessed Black Blade  
004CC64C Hollow Black Blade  
004CE780 Bloodlust  
004D0E90 Darkdrift  
005B8D80 Bastard Sword  
005B8DE4 Heavy Bastard Sword  
005B8E48 Sharp Bastard Sword  
005B8EAC Refined Bastard Sword  
005B8F10 Simple Bastard Sword  
005B8F74 Crystal Bastard Sword  
005B8FD8 Fire Bastard Sword  
005B903C Chaos Bastard Sword  
005B90A0 Lightning Bastard Sword  
005B9104 Deep Bastard Sword  
005B9168 Dark Bastard Sword  
005B91CC Poison Bastard Sword  
005B9230 Blood Bastard Sword  
005B9294 Raw Bastard Sword  
005B92F8 Blessed Bastard Sword  
005B935C Hollow Bastard Sword  
005BDBA0 Claymore  
005BDC04 Heavy Claymore  
005BDC68 Sharp Claymore  
005BDCCC Refined Claymore  
005BDD30 Simple Claymore  
005BDD94 Crystal Claymore  
005BDDF8 Fire Claymore  
005BDE5C Chaos Claymore  
005BDEC0 Lightning Claymore  
005BDF24 Deep Claymore  
005BDF88 Dark Claymore  
005BDFEC Poison Claymore  
005BE050 Blood Claymore  
005BE0B4 Raw Claymore  
005BE118 Blessed Claymore  
005BE17C Hollow Claymore  
005C29C0 Zweihander  
005C2A24 Heavy Zweihander  
005C2A88 Sharp Zweihander  
005C2AEC Refined Zweihander  
005C2B50 Simple Zweihander  
005C2BB4 Crystal Zweihander  
005C2C18 Fire Zweihander  
005C2C7C Chaos Zweihander  
005C2CE0 Lightning Zweihander  
005C2D44 Deep Zweihander  
005C2DA8 Dark Zweihander  
005C2E0C Poison Zweihander  
005C2E70 Blood Zweihander  
005C2ED4 Raw Zweihander  
005C2F38 Blessed Zweihander  
005C2F9C Hollow Zweihander  
005C50D0 Greatsword  
005C5134 Heavy Greatsword  
005C5198 Sharp Greatsword  
005C51FC Refined Greatsword  
005C5260 Simple Greatsword  
005C52C4 Crystal Greatsword  
005C5328 Fire Greatsword  
005C538C Chaos Greatsword  
005C53F0 Lightning Greatsword  
005C5454 Deep Greatsword  
005C54B8 Dark Greatsword  
005C551C Poison Greatsword  
005C5580 Blood Greatsword  
005C55E4 Raw Greatsword  
005C5648 Blessed Greatsword  
005C56AC Hollow Greatsword  
005C9EF0 Astora Greatsword  
005C9F54 Heavy Astora Greatsword  
005C9FB8 Sharp Astora Greatsword  
005CA01C Refined Astora Greatsword  
005CA080 Simple Astora Greatsword  
005CA0E4 Crystal Astora Greatsword  
005CA148 Fire Astora Greatsword  
005CA1AC Chaos Astora Greatsword  
005CA210 Lightning Astora Greatsword  
005CA274 Deep Astora Greatsword  
005CA2D8 Dark Astora Greatsword  
005CA33C Poison Astora Greatsword  
005CA3A0 Blood Astora Greatsword  
005CA404 Raw Astora Greatsword  
005CA468 Blessed Astora Greatsword  
005CA4CC Hollow Astora Greatsword  
005CC600 Murakumo  
005CC664 Heavy Murakumo  
005CC6C8 Sharp Murakumo  
005CC72C Refined Murakumo  
005CC790 Simple Murakumo  
005CC7F4 Crystal Murakumo  
005CC858 Fire Murakumo  
005CC8BC Chaos Murakumo  
005CC920 Lightning Murakumo  
005CC984 Deep Murakumo  
005CC9E8 Dark Murakumo  
005CCA4C Poison Murakumo  
005CCAB0 Blood Murakumo  
005CCB14 Raw Murakumo  
005CCB78 Blessed Murakumo  
005CCBDC Hollow Murakumo  
005D1420 Lothric Knight Greatsword  
005D1484 Heavy Lothric Greatsword  
005D14E8 Sharp Lothric Greatsword  
005D154C Refined Lothric Greatsword  
005D15B0 Simple Lothric Greatsword  
005D1614 Crystal Lothric Greatsword  
005D1678 Fire Lothric Greatsword  
005D16DC Chaos Lothric Greatsword  
005D1740 Lightning Lothric Greatsword  
005D17A4 Deep Lothric Greatsword  
005D1808 Dark Lothric Greatsword  
005D186C Poison Lothric Greatsword  
005D18D0 Blood Lothric Greatsword  
005D1934 Raw Lothric Greatsword  
005D1998 Blessed Lothric Greatsword  
005D19FC Hollow Lothric Greatsword  
005D8950 Black Knight Greatsword  
005DB060 Flamberge  
005DB0C4 Heavy Flamberge  
005DB128 Sharp Flamberge  
005DB18C Refined Flamberge  
005DB1F0 Simple Flamberge  
005DB254 Crystal Flamberge  
005DB2B8 Fire Flamberge  
005DB31C Chaos Flamberge  
005DB380 Lightning Flamberge  
005DB3E4 Deep Flamberge  
005DB448 Dark Flamberge  
005DB4AC Poison Flamberge  
005DB510 Blood Flamberge  
005DB574 Raw Flamberge  
005DB5D8 Blessed Flamberge  
005DB63C Hollow Flamberge  
005DD770 Exile Greatsword  
005DD7D4 Heavy Exile Greatsword  
005DD838 Sharp Exile Greatsword  
005DD89C Refined Exile Greatsword  
005DD900 Simple Exile Greatsword  
005DD964 Crystal Exile Greatsword  
005DD9C8 Fire Exile Greatsword  
005DDA2C Chaos Exile Greatsword  
005DDA90 Lightning Exile Greatsword  
005DDAF4 Deep Exile Greatsword  
005DDB58 Dark Exile Greatsword  
005DDBBC Poison Exile Greatsword  
005DDC20 Blood Exile Greatsword  
005DDC84 Raw Exile Greatsword  
005DDCE8 Blessed Exile Greatsword  
005DDD4C Hollow Exile Greatsword  
005E2590 Greatsword of Judgment  
005E4CA0 Profaned Greatsword  
005E73B0 Cathedral Knight Greatsword  
005E7414 Heavy Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7478 Sharp Cathedral Greatsword  
005E74DC Refined Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7540 Simple Cathedral Greatsword  
005E75A4 Crystal Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7608 Fire Cathedral Greatsword  
005E766C Chaos Cathedral Greatsword  
005E76D0 Lightning Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7734 Deep Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7798 Dark Cathedral Greatsword  
005E77FC Poison Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7860 Blood Cathedral Greatsword  
005E78C4 Raw Cathedral Greatsword  
005E7928 Blessed Cathedral Greatsword  
005E798C Hollow Cathedral Greatsword  
005E9AC0 Farron Greatsword  
005F0FF0 Yhorm’s Great Machete  
005F3700 Dark Sword  
005F3764 Heavy Dark Sword  
005F37C8 Sharp Dark Sword  
005F382C Refined Dark Sword  
005F3890 Simple Dark Sword  
005F38F4 Crystal Dark Sword  
005F3958 Fire Dark Sword  
005F39BC Chaos Dark Sword  
005F3A20 Lightning Dark Sword  
005F3A84 Deep Dark Sword  
005F3AE8 Reinforced Dark Sword  
005F3B4C Poison Dark Sword  
005F3BB0 Blood Dark Sword  
005F3C14 Raw Dark Sword  
005F3C78 Blessed Dark Sword  
005F3CDC Hollow Dark Sword  
005F5E10 Black Knight Sword  
005F8520 Lorian’s Greatsword  
005FAC30 Twin Princes’ Greatsword  
005FD340 Lothric’s Holy Sword  
005FFA50 Wolnir’s Holy Sword  
00602160 Wolf Knight’s Greatsword  
0060216A Greatsword of Artorias  
00604870 Hollowslayer Greatsword  
00606F80 Moonlight Greatsword  
00609690 Drakeblood Greatsword  
006096F4 Heavy Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609758 Sharp Drakeblood Greatsword  
006097BC Refined Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609820 Simple Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609884 Crystal Drakeblood Greatsword  
006098E8 Fire Drakeblood Greatsword  
0060994C Chaos Drakeblood Greatsword  
006099B0 Lightning Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609A14 Deep Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609A78 Dark Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609ADC Poison Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609B40 Blood Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609BA4 Raw Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609C08 Blessed Drakeblood Greatsword  
00609C6C Hollow Drakeblood Greatsword  
0060BDA0 Firelink Greatsword  
0060E4B0 Fume Ultra Greatsword  
00610BC0 Old Wolf Curved Sword  
006132D0 Storm Ruler  
006ACFC0 Hand Axe  
006AD024 Heavy Hand Axe  
006AD088 Sharp Hand Axe  
006AD0EC Refined Hand Axe  
006AD150 Simple Hand Axe  
006AD1B4 Crystal Hand Axe  
006AD218 Fire Hand Axe  
006AD27C Chaos Hand Axe  
006AD2E0 Lightning Hand Axe  
006AD344 Deep Hand Axe  
006AD3A8 Dark Hand Axe  
006AD40C Poison Hand Axe  
006AD470 Blood Hand Axe  
006AD4D4 Raw Hand Axe  
006AD538 Blessed Hand Axe  
006AD59C Hollow Hand Axe  
006AF6D0 Battle Axe  
006AF734 Heavy Battle Axe  
006AF798 Sharp Battle Axe  
006AF7FC Refined Battle Axe  
006AF860 Simple Battle Axe  
006AF8C4 Crystal Battle Axe  
006AF928 Fire Battle Axe  
006AF98C Chaos Battle Axe  
006AF9F0 Lightning Battle Axe  
006AFA54 Deep Battle Axe  
006AFAB8 Dark Battle Axe  
006AFB1C Poison Battle Axe  
006AFB80 Blood Battle Axe  
006AFBE4 Raw Battle Axe  
006AFC48 Blessed Battle Axe  
006AFCAC Hollow Battle Axe  
006B1DE0 Brigand Axe  
006B1E44 Heavy Brigand Axe  
006B1EA8 Sharp Brigand Axe  
006B1F0C Refined Brigand Axe  
006B1F70 Simple Brigand Axe  
006B1FD4 Crystal Brigand Axe  
006B2038 Fire Brigand Axe  
006B209C Chaos Brigand Axe  
006B2100 Lightning Brigand Axe  
006B2164 Deep Brigand Axe  
006B21C8 Dark Brigand Axe  
006B222C Poison Brigand Axe  
006B2290 Blood Brigand Axe  
006B22F4 Raw Brigand Axe  
006B2358 Blessed Brigand Axe  
006B23BC Hollow Brigand Axe  
006B6C00 Crescent Axe  
006B6C64 Heavy Crescent Axe  
006B6CC8 Sharp Crescent Axe  
006B6D2C Refined Crescent Axe  
006B6D90 Simple Crescent Axe  
006B6DF4 Crystal Crescent Axe  
006B6E58 Fire Crescent Axe  
006B6EBC Chaos Crescent Axe  
006B6F20 Lightning Crescent Axe  
006B6F84 Deep Crescent Axe  
006B6FE8 Dark Crescent Axe  
006B704C Poison Crescent Axe  
006B70B0 Blood Crescent Axe  
006B7114 Raw Crescent Axe  
006B7178 Blessed Crescent Axe  
006B71DC Hollow Crescent Axe  
006B9310 Greataxe  
006B9374 Heavy Greataxe  
006B93D8 Sharp Greataxe  
006B943C Refined Greataxe  
006B94A0 Simple Greataxe  
006B9504 Crystal Greataxe  
006B9568 Fire Greataxe  
006B95CC Chaos Greataxe  
006B9630 Lightning Greataxe  
006B9694 Deep Greataxe  
006B96F8 Dark Greataxe  
006B975C Poison Greataxe  
006B97C0 Blood Greataxe  
006B9824 Raw Greataxe  
006B9888 Blessed Greataxe  
006B98EC Hollow Greataxe  
006BE130 Butcher Knife  
006C0840 Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C08A4 Heavy Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0908 Sharp Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C096C Refined Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C09D0 Simple Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0A34 Crystal Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0A98 Fire Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0AFC Chaos Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0B60 Lightning Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0BC4 Deep Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0C28 Dark Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0C8C Poison Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0CF0 Blood Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0D54 Raw Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0DB8 Blessed Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C0E1C Hollow Dragonslayer’s Axe  
006C5660 Thrall Axe  
006C56C4 Heavy Thrall Axe  
006C5728 Sharp Thrall Axe  
006C578C Refined Thrall Axe  
006C57F0 Simple Thrall Axe  
006C5854 Crystal Thrall Axe  
006C58B8 Fire Thrall Axe  
006C591C Chaos Thrall Axe  
006C5980 Lightning Thrall Axe  
006C59E4 Deep Thrall Axe  
006C5A48 Dark Thrall Axe  
006C5AAC Poison Thrall Axe  
006C5B10 Blood Thrall Axe  
006C5B74 Raw Thrall Axe  
006C5BD8 Blessed Thrall Axe  
006C5C3C Hollow Thrall Axe  
006C7D70 Dragonslayer Greataxe  
006CA480 Demon’s Greataxe  
006CCB90 Eleonora  
006D19B0 Man Serpent Hatchet  
006D1A14 Heavy Serpent Hatchet  
006D1A78 Sharp Serpent Hatchet  
006D1ADC Refined Serpent Hatchet  
006D1B40 Simple Serpent Hatchet  
006D1BA4 Crystal Serpent Hatchet  
006D1C08 Fire Serpent Hatchet  
006D1C6C Chaos Serpent Hatchet  
006D1CD0 Lightning Serpent Hatchet  
006D1D34 Deep Serpent Hatchet  
006D1D98 Dark Serpent Hatchet  
006D1DFC Poison Serpent Hatchet  
006D1E60 Blood Serpent Hatchet  
006D1EC4 Raw Serpent Hatchet  
006D1F28 Blessed Serpent Hatchet  
006D1F8C Hollow Serpent Hatchet  
006D40C0 Dragon King Greataxe  
007A1200 Club  
007A1264 Heavy Club  
007A12C8 Sharp Club  
007A132C Refined Club  
007A1390 Simple Club  
007A13F4 Crystal Club  
007A1458 Fire Club  
007A14BC Chaos Club  
007A1520 Lightning Club  
007A1584 Deep Club  
007A15E8 Dark Club  
007A164C Poison Club  
007A16B0 Blood Club  
007A1714 Raw Club  
007A1778 Blessed Club  
007A17DC Hollow Club  
007A3910 Mace  
007A3974 Heavy Mace  
007A39D8 Sharp Mace  
007A3A3C Refined Mace  
007A3AA0 Simple Mace  
007A3B04 Crystal Mace  
007A3B68 Fire Mace  
007A3BCC Chaos Mace  
007A3C30 Lightning Mace  
007A3C94 Deep Mace  
007A3CF8 Dark Mace  
007A3D5C Poison Mace  
007A3DC0 Blood Mace  
007A3E24 Raw Mace  
007A3E88 Blessed Mace  
007A3EEC Hollow Mace  
007A6020 Morning Star  
007A6084 Heavy Morning Star  
007A60E8 Sharp Morning Star  
007A614C Refined Morning Star  
007A61B0 Simple Morning Star  
007A6214 Crystal Morning Star  
007A6278 Fire Morning Star  
007A62DC Chaos Morning Star  
007A6340 Lightning Morning Star  
007A63A4 Deep Morning Star  
007A6408 Dark Morning Star  
007A646C Poison Morning Star  
007A64D0 Blood Morning Star  
007A6534 Raw Morning Star  
007A6598 Blessed Morning Star  
007A65FC Hollow Morning Star  
007A8730 Reinforced Club  
007A8794 Heavy Reinforced Club  
007A87F8 Sharp Reinforced Club  
007A885C Refined Reinforced Club  
007A88C0 Simple Reinforced Club  
007A8924 Crystal Reinforced Club  
007A8988 Fire Reinforced Club  
007A89EC Chaos Reinforced Club  
007A8A50 Lightning Reinforced Club  
007A8AB4 Deep Reinforced Club  
007A8B18 Dark Reinforced Club  
007A8B7C Poison Reinforced Club  
007A8BE0 Blood Reinforced Club  
007A8C44 Raw Reinforced Club  
007A8CA8 Blessed Reinforced Club  
007A8D0C Hollow Reinforced Club  
007AFC60 Large Club  
007AFCC4 Heavy Large Club  
007AFD28 Sharp Large Club  
007AFD8C Refined Large Club  
007AFDF0 Simple Large Club  
007AFE54 Crystal Large Club  
007AFEB8 Fire Large Club  
007AFF1C Chaos Large Club  
007AFF80 Lightning Large Club  
007AFFE4 Deep Large Club  
007B0048 Dark Large Club  
007B00AC Poison Large Club  
007B0110 Blood Large Club  
007B0174 Raw Large Club  
007B01D8 Blessed Large Club  
007B023C Hollow Large Club  
007B4A80 Great Club  
007B4AE4 Heavy Great Club  
007B4B48 Sharp Great Club  
007B4BAC Refined Great Club  
007B4C10 Simple Great Club  
007B4C74 Crystal Great Club  
007B4CD8 Fire Great Club  
007B4D3C Chaos Great Club  
007B4DA0 Lightning Great Club  
007B4E04 Deep Great Club  
007B4E68 Dark Great Club  
007B4ECC Poison Great Club  
007B4F30 Blood Great Club  
007B4F94 Raw Great Club  
007B4FF8 Blessed Great Club  
007B505C Hollow Great Club  
007BBFB0 Great Mace  
007BC014 Heavy Great Mace  
007BC078 Sharp Great Mace  
007BC0DC Refined Great Mace  
007BC140 Simple Great Mace  
007BC1A4 Crystal Great Mace  
007BC208 Fire Great Mace  
007BC26C Chaos Great Mace  
007BC2D0 Lightning Great Mace  
007BC334 Deep Great Mace  
007BC398 Dark Great Mace  
007BC3FC Poison Great Mace  
007BC460 Blood Great Mace  
007BC4C4 Raw Great Mace  
007BC528 Blessed Great Mace  
007BC58C Hollow Great Mace  
007C8300 Great Wooden Hammer  
007C8364 Heavy Wooden Hammer  
007C83C8 Sharp Wooden Hammer  
007C842C Refined Wooden Hammer  
007C8490 Simple Wooden Hammer  
007C84F4 Crystal Wooden Hammer  
007C8558 Fire Wooden Hammer  
007C85BC Chaos Wooden Hammer  
007C8620 Lightning Wooden Hammer  
007C8684 Deep Wooden Hammer  
007C86E8 Dark Wooden Hammer  
007C874C Poison Wooden Hammer  
007C87B0 Blood Wooden Hammer  
007C8814 Raw Wooden Hammer  
007C8878 Blessed Wooden Hammer  
007C88DC Hollow Wooden Hammer  
007CAA10 Gargoyle Flame Hammer  
007CD120 Vordt’s Great Hammer  
007CF830 Old King’s Great Hammer  
007D6D60 Heysel Pick  
007DBB80 Warpick  
007DBBE4 Heavy Warpick  
007DBC48 Sharp Warpick  
007DBCAC Refined Warpick  
007DBD10 Simple Warpick  
007DBD74 Crystal Warpick  
007DBDD8 Fire Warpick  
007DBE3C Chaos Warpick  
007DBEA0 Lightning Warpick  
007DBF04 Deep Warpick  
007DBF68 Dark Warpick  
007DBFCC Poison Warpick  
007DC030 Blood Warpick  
007DC094 Raw Warpick  
007DC0F8 Blessed Warpick  
007DC15C Hollow Warpick  
007DE290 Pickaxe  
007DE2F4 Heavy Pickaxe  
007DE358 Sharp Pickaxe  
007DE3BC Refined Pickaxe  
007DE420 Simple Pickaxe  
007DE484 Crystal Pickaxe  
007DE4E8 Fire Pickaxe  
007DE54C Chaos Pickaxe  
007DE5B0 Lightning Pickaxe  
007DE614 Deep Pickaxe  
007DE678 Dark Pickaxe  
007DE6DC Poison Pickaxe  
007DE740 Blood Pickaxe  
007DE7A4 Raw Pickaxe  
007DE808 Blessed Pickaxe  
007DE86C Hollow Pickaxe  
007E09A0 Dragon Tooth  
007E30B0 Smough’s Great Hammer  
007E57C0 Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5824 Heavy Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5888 Sharp Blacksmith Hammer  
007E58EC Refined Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5950 Simple Blacksmith Hammer  
007E59B4 Crystal Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5A18 Fire Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5A7C Chaos Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5AE0 Lightning Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5B44 Deep Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5BA8 Dark Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5C0C Poison Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5C70 Blood Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5CD4 Raw Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5D38 Blessed Blacksmith Hammer  
007E5D9C Hollow Blacksmith Hammer  
007E7ED0 Morne’s Great Hammer  
007EA5E0 Spiked Mace  
007EA644 Heavy Spiked Mace  
007EA6A8 Sharp Spiked Mace  
007EA70C Refined Spiked Mace  
007EA770 Simple Spiked Mace  
007EA7D4 Crystal Spiked Mace  
007EA838 Fire Spiked Mace  
007EA89C Chaos Spiked Mace  
007EA900 Lightning Spiked Mace  
007EA964 Deep Spiked Mace  
007EA9C8 Dark Spiked Mace  
007EAA2C Poison Spiked Mace  
007EAA90 Blood Spiked Mace  
007EAAF4 Raw Spiked Mace  
007EAB58 Blessed Spiked Mace  
007EABBC Hollow Spiked Mace  
00895440 Spear  
008954A4 Heavy Spear  
00895508 Sharp Spear  
0089556C Refined Spear  
008955D0 Simple Spear  
00895634 Crystal Spear  
00895698 Fire Spear  
008956FC Chaos Spear  
00895760 Lightning Spear  
008957C4 Deep Spear  
00895828 Dark Spear  
0089588C Poison Spear  
008958F0 Blood Spear  
00895954 Raw Spear  
008959B8 Blessed Spear  
00895A1C Hollow Spear  
00897B50 Winged Spear  
00897BB4 Heavy Winged Spear  
00897C18 Sharp Winged Spear  
00897C7C Refined Winged Spear  
00897CE0 Simple Winged Spear  
00897D44 Crystal Winged Spear  
00897DA8 Fire Winged Spear  
00897E0C Chaos Winged Spear  
00897E70 Lightning Winged Spear  
00897ED4 Deep Winged Spear  
00897F38 Dark Winged Spear  
00897F9C Poison Winged Spear  
00898000 Blood Winged Spear  
00898064 Raw Winged Spear  
008980C8 Blessed Winged Spear  
0089812C Hollow Winged Spear  
0089C970 Partizan  
0089C9D4 Heavy Partizan  
0089CA38 Sharp Partizan  
0089CA9C Refined Partizan  
0089CB00 Simple Partizan  
0089CB64 Crystal Partizan  
0089CBC8 Fire Partizan  
0089CC2C Chaos Partizan  
0089CC90 Lightning Partizan  
0089CCF4 Deep Partizan  
0089CD58 Dark Partizan  
0089CDBC Poison Partizan  
0089CE20 Blood Partizan  
0089CE84 Raw Partizan  
0089CEE8 Blessed Partizan  
0089CF4C Hollow Partizan  
008A8CC0 Greatlance  
008A8D24 Heavy Greatlance  
008A8D88 Sharp Greatlance  
008A8DEC Refined Greatlance  
008A8E50 Simple Greatlance  
008A8EB4 Crystal Greatlance  
008A8F18 Fire Greatlance  
008A8F7C Chaos Greatlance  
008A8FE0 Lightning Greatlance  
008A9044 Deep Greatlance  
008A90A8 Dark Greatlance  
008A910C Poison Greatlance  
008A9170 Blood Greatlance  
008A91D4 Raw Greatlance  
008A9238 Blessed Greatlance  
008A929C Hollow Greatlance  
008AB3D0 Lothric Knight Long Spear  
008AB434 Heavy Lothric Long Spear  
008AB498 Sharp Lothric Long Spear  
008AB4FC Refined Lothric Long Spear  
008AB560 Simple Lothric Long Spear  
008AB5C4 Crystal Lothric Long Spear  
008AB628 Fire Lothric Long Spear  
008AB68C Chaos Lothric Long Spear  
008AB6F0 Lightning Lothric Long Spear  
008AB754 Deep Lothric Long Spear  
008AB7B8 Dark Lothric Long Spear  
008AB81C Poison Lothric Long Spear  
008AB880 Blood Lothric Long Spear  
008AB8E4 Raw Lothric Long Spear  
008AB948 Blessed Lothric Long Spear  
008AB9AC Hollow Lothric Long Spear  
008B01F0 Gargoyle Flame Spear  
008B2900 Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2964 Heavy Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B29C8 Sharp Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2A2C Refined Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2A90 Simple Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2AF4 Crystal Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2B58 Fire Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2BBC Chaos Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2C20 Lightning Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2C84 Deep Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2CE8 Dark Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2D4C Poison Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2DB0 Blood Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2E14 Raw Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2E78 Blessed Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B2EDC Hollow Rotten Ghru Spear  
008B5010 Tailbone Spear  
008B7720 Soldering Iron  
008BEC50 Arstor’s Spear  
008C1360 Saint Bident  
008C13C4 Heavy Saint Bident  
008C1428 Sharp Saint Bident  
008C148C Refined Saint Bident  
008C14F0 Simple Saint Bident  
008C1554 Crystal Saint Bident  
008C15B8 Fire Saint Bident  
008C161C Chaos Saint Bident  
008C1680 Lightning Saint Bident  
008C16E4 Deep Saint Bident  
008C1748 Dark Saint Bident  
008C17AC Poison Saint Bident  
008C1810 Blood Saint Bident  
008C1874 Raw Saint Bident  
008C18D8 Blessed Saint Bident  
008C193C Hollow Saint Bident  
008C3A70 Yorshka’s Spear  
008C6180 Pike  
008C61E4 Heavy Pike  
008C6248 Sharp Pike  
008C62AC Refined Pike  
008C6310 Simple Pike  
008C6374 Crystal Pike  
008C63D8 Fire Pike  
008C643C Chaos Pike  
008C64A0 Lightning Pike  
008C6504 Deep Pike  
008C6568 Dark Pike  
008C65CC Poison Pike  
008C6630 Blood Pike  
008C6694 Raw Pike  
008C66F8 Blessed Pike  
008C675C Hollow Pike  
008C8890 Channeler’s Trident  
008C88F4 Heavy Four-pronged Plow  
008C8958 Sharp Four-pronged Plow  
008C89BC Refined Four-pronged Plow  
008C8A20 Simpleton Four-pronged Plow  
008C8A84 Crystal Four-pronged Plow  
008C8AE8 Fire Four-pronged Plow  
008C8B4C Chaos Four-pronged Plow  
008C8BB0 Lightning Four-pronged Plow  
008C8C14 Deep Four-pronged Plow  
008C8C78 Dark Four-pronged Plow  
008C8CDC Poison Four-pronged Plow  
008C8D40 Blood Four-pronged Plow  
008C8DA4 Raw Four-pronged Plow  
008C8E08 Blessed Four-pronged Plow  
008C8E6C Hollow Four-pronged Plow  
008CAFA0 Dragonslayer Spear  
00989680 Great Scythe  
009896E4 Heavy Great Scythe  
00989748 Sharp Great Scythe  
009897AC Refined Great Scythe  
00989810 Simple Great Scythe  
00989874 Crystal Great Scythe  
009898D8 Fire Great Scythe  
0098993C Chaos Great Scythe  
009899A0 Lightning Great Scythe  
00989A04 Deep Great Scythe  
00989A68 Dark Great Scythe  
00989ACC Poison Great Scythe  
00989B30 Blood Great Scythe  
00989B94 Raw Great Scythe  
00989BF8 Blessed Great Scythe  
00989C5C Hollow Great Scythe  
0098BD90 Lucerne  
0098BDF4 Heavy Lucerne  
0098BE58 Sharp Lucerne  
0098BEBC Refined Lucerne  
0098BF20 Simple Lucerne  
0098BF84 Crystal Lucerne  
0098BFE8 Fire Lucerne  
0098C04C Chaos Lucerne  
0098C0B0 Lightning Lucerne  
0098C114 Deep Lucerne  
0098C178 Dark Lucerne  
0098C1DC Poison Lucerne  
0098C240 Blood Lucerne  
0098C2A4 Raw Lucerne  
0098C308 Blessed Lucerne  
0098C36C Hollow Lucerne  
0098E4A0 Glaive  
0098E504 Heavy Glaive  
0098E568 Sharp Glaive  
0098E5CC Refined Glaive  
0098E630 Simple Glaive  
0098E694 Crystal Glaive  
0098E6F8 Fire Glaive  
0098E75C Chaos Glaive  
0098E7C0 Lightning Glaive  
0098E824 Deep Glaive  
0098E888 Dark Glaive  
0098E8EC Poison Glaive  
0098E950 Blood Glaive  
0098E9B4 Raw Glaive  
0098EA18 Blessed Glaive  
0098EA7C Hollow Glaive  
00990BB0 Halberd  
00990C14 Heavy Halberd  
00990C78 Sharp Halberd  
00990CDC Refined Halberd  
00990D40 Simple Halberd  
00990DA4 Crystal Halberd  
00990E08 Fire Halberd  
00990E6C Chaos Halberd  
00990ED0 Lightning Halberd  
00990F34 Deep Halberd  
00990F98 Dark Halberd  
00990FFC Poison Halberd  
00991060 Blood Halberd  
009910C4 Raw Halberd  
00991128 Blessed Halberd  
0099118C Hollow Halberd  
009959D0 Black Knight Greataxe  
0099A7F0 Pontiff Knight Great Scythe  
0099CF00 Great Corvian Scythe  
0099CF64 Heavy Corvian Scythe  
0099CFC8 Sharp Corvian Scythe  
0099D02C Refined Corvian Scythe  
0099D090 Simple Corvian Scythe  
0099D0F4 Crystal Corvian Scythe  
0099D158 Fire Corvian Scythe  
0099D1BC Chaos Corvian Scythe  
0099D220 Lightning Corvian Scythe  
0099D284 Deep Corvian Scythe  
0099D2E8 Dark Corvian Scythe  
0099D34C Poison Corvian Scythe  
0099D3B0 Blood Corvian Scythe  
0099D414 Raw Corvian Scythe  
0099D478 Blessed Corvian Scythe  
0099D4DC Hollow Corvian Scythe  
0099F610 Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F674 Heavy Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F6D8 Sharp Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F73C Refined Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F7A0 Simple Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F804 Crystal Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F868 Fire Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F8CC Chaos Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F930 Lightning Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F994 Deep Winged Knight Halberd  
0099F9F8 Dark Winged Knight Halberd  
0099FA5C Poison Winged Knight Halberd  
0099FAC0 Blood Winged Knight Halberd  
0099FB24 Raw Winged Knight Halberd  
0099FB88 Blessed Winged Knight Halberd  
0099FBEC Hollow Winged Knight Halberd  
009A1D20 Gundyr’s Halberd  
009AB960 Red Hilted Halberd  
009AB9C4 Heavy Red Halberd  
009ABA28 Sharp Red Halberd  
009ABA8C Refined Red Halberd  
009ABAF0 Simple Red Halberd  
009ABB54 Crystal Red Halberd  
009ABBB8 Fire Red Halberd  
009ABC1C Chaos Red Halberd  
009ABC80 Lightning Red Halberd  
009ABCE4 Deep Red Halberd  
009ABD48 Dark Red Halberd  
009ABDAC Poison Red Halberd  
009ABE10 Blood Red Halberd  
009ABE74 Raw Red Halberd  
009ABED8 Blessed Red Halberd  
009ABF3C Hollow Red Halberd  
009AE070 Black Knight Glaive  
009B0780 Immolation Tinder  
00A7D8C0 Claw  
00A7D924 Heavy Claw  
00A7D988 Sharp Claw  
00A7D9EC Skilled Claw  
00A7DA50 Simple Claw  
00A7DAB4 Crystal Claw  
00A7DB18 Fire Claw  
00A7DB7C Chaos Claw  
00A7DBE0 Lightning Claw  
00A7DC44 Deep Claw  
00A7DCA8 Dark Claw  
00A7DD0C Poison Claw  
00A7DD70 Blood Claw  
00A7DDD4 Raw Claw  
00A7DE38 Blessed Claw  
00A7DE9C Hollow Claw  
00A7FFD0 Caestus  
00A80034 Heavy Caestus  
00A80098 Sharp Caestus  
00A800FC Skilled Caestus  
00A80160 Simple Caestus  
00A801C4 Crystal Caestus  
00A80228 Fire Caestus  
00A8028C Chaos Caestus  
00A802F0 Lightning Caestus  
00A80354 Deep Caestus  
00A803B8 Dark Caestus  
00A8041C Poison Caestus  
00A80480 Blood Caestus  
00A804E4 Raw Caestus  
00A80548 Blessed Caestus  
00A805AC Hollow Caestus  
00A826E0 Manikin Claws  
00A82744 Heavy Manikin Claws  
00A827A8 Sharp Manikin Claws  
00A8280C Skilled Manikin Claws  
00A82870 Simple Manikin Claws  
00A828D4 Crystal Manikin Claws  
00A82938 Fire Manikin Claws  
00A8299C Chaos Manikin Claws  
00A82A00 Lightning Manikin Claws  
00A82A64 Deep Manikin Claws  
00A82AC8 Dark Manikin Claws  
00A82B2C Poison Manikin Claws  
00A82B90 Blood Manikin Claws  
00A82BF4 Raw Manikin Claws  
00A82C58 Blessed Manikin Claws  
00A82CBC Hollow Manikin Claws  
00A84DF0 Demon’s Fist  
00A87500 Dark Hand  
00B71B00 Whip  
00B71B64 Heavy Whip  
00B71BC8 Sharp Whip  
00B71C2C Skilled Whip  
00B71C90 Simple Whip  
00B71CF4 Crystal Whip  
00B71DBC Chaos Whip  
00B71E20 Lightning Whip  
00B71E84 Deep Whip  
00B71EE8 Dark Whip  
00B71F4C Poison Whip  
00B71FB0 Blood Whip  
00B72014 Raw Whip  
00B72078 Blessed Whip  
00B720DC Hollow Whip  
00B7B740 Witch’s Locks  
00B7DE50 Notched Whip  
00B7DEB4 Heavy Notched Whip  
00B7DF18 Sharp Notched Whip  
00B7DF7C Skilled Notched Whip  
00B7DFE0 Simple Notched Whip  
00B7E044 Crystal Notched Whip  
00B7E0A8 Fire Notched Whip  
00B7E10C Chaos Notched Whip  
00B7E170 Lightning Notched Whip  
00B7E1D4 Deep Notched Whip  
00B7E238 Dark Notched Whip  
00B7E29C Poison Notched Whip  
00B7E300 Blood Notched Whip  
00B7E364 Raw Notched Whip  
00B7E3C8 Blessed Notched Whip  
00B7E42C Hollow Notched Whip  
00B80560 Spotted Whip  
00C72090 Talisman  
00C747A0 Sorcerer’s Staff  
00C76EB0 Storyteller’s Staff  
00C795C0 Mendicant’s Staff  
00C7E3E0 Man-grub’s Staff  
00C80AF0 Archdeacon’s Great Staff  
00C83200 Golden Ritual Spear  
00C88020 Yorshka’s Chime  
00C8CE40 Sage’s Crystal Staff  
00C8F550 Heretic’s Staff  
00C91C60 Court Sorcerer’s Staff  
00C94370 Witchtree Branch  
00C96A80 Izalith Staff  
00C99190 Cleric’s Sacred Chime  
00C9B8A0 Priest’s Chime  
00C9DFB0 Saint-tree Bellvine  
00CA06C0 Caitha’s Chime  
00CA2DD0 Crystal Chime  
00CA54E0 Sunlight Talisman  
00CA7BF0 Canvas Talisman  
00CAA300 Sunless Talisman  
00CACA10 Saint’s Talisman  
00CAF120 White Hair Talisman  
00CC77C0 Pyromancy Flame  
00CF8500 Dragonslayer Greatbow  
00D5C690 Short Bow  
00D5EDA0 Composite Bow  
00D5F37C Hollow Composite Bow  
00D63BC0 Light Crossbow  
00D662D0 Arbalest  
00D689E0 Longbow  
00D6B0F0 Dragonrider Bow  
00D6FF10 Avelyn  
00D72620 Knight’s Crossbow  
00D74D30 Heavy Crossbow  
00D79B50 Darkmoon Longbow  
00D7C260 Onislayer Greatbow  
00D7E970 Black Bow of Pharis  
00D81080 Shield Crossbow  
00D83790 Sniper Crossbow  
00F42400 Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42464 Heavy Sellsword Twinblades  
00F424C8 Sharp Sellsword Twinblades  
00F4252C Refined Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42590 Simple Sellsword Twinblades  
00F425F4 Crystal Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42658 Fire Sellsword Twinblades  
00F426BC Chaos Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42720 Lightning Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42784 Deep Sellsword Twinblades  
00F427E8 Dark Sellsword Twinblades  
00F4284C Poison Sellsword Twinblades  
00F428B0 Blood Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42914 Raw Sellsword Twinblades  
00F42978 Blessed Sellsword Twinblades  
00F429DC Hollow Sellsword Twinblades  
00F47220 Warden Twinblades  
00F47284 Heavy Warden Twinblades  
00F472E8 Sharp Warden Twinblades  
00F4734C Refined Warden Twinblades  
00F473B0 Simple Warden Twinblades  
00F47414 Crystal Warden Twinblades  
00F47478 Fire Warden Twinblades  
00F474DC Chaos Warden Twinblades  
00F47540 Lightning Warden Twinblades  
00F475A4 Deep Warden Twinblades  
00F47608 Dark Warden Twinblades  
00F4766C Poison Warden Twinblades  
00F476D0 Blood Warden Twinblades  
00F47734 Raw Warden Twinblades  
00F47798 Blessed Warden Twinblades  
00F477FC Hollow Warden Twinblades  
00F49930 Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49994 Heavy Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F499F8 Sharp Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49A5C Refined Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49AC0 Simple Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49B24 Crystal Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49B88 Fire Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49BEC Chaos Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49C50 Lightning Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49CB4 Deep Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49D18 Dark Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49D7C Poison Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49DE0 Blood Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49E44 Raw Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49EA8 Blessed Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F49F0C Hollow Winged Knight Twinaxes  
00F4C040 Dancer’s Enchanted Swords  
00F4E750 Great Machete  
00F4E7B4 Heavy Great Machete  
00F4E818 Sharp Great Machete  
00F4E87C Refined Great Machete  
00F4E8E0 Simple Great Machete  
00F4E944 Crystal Great Machete  
00F4E9A8 Fire Great Machete  
00F4EA0C Chaos Great Machete  
00F4EA70 Lightning Great Machete  
00F4EAD4 Deep Great Machete  
00F4EB38 Dark Great Machete  
00F4EB9C Poison Great Machete  
00F4EC00 Blood Great Machete  
00F4EC64 Raw Great Machete  
00F4ECC8 Blessed Great Machete  
00F4ED2C Hollow Great Machete  
00F50E60 Brigand Twindaggers  
00F50EC4 Heavy Brigand Twindaggers  
00F50F28 Sharp Brigand Twindaggers  
00F50F8C Refined Brigand Twindaggers  
00F50FF0 Simple Brigand Twindaggers  
00F51054 Crystal Brigand Twindaggers  
00F510B8 Fire Brigand Twindaggers  
00F5111C Chaos Brigand Twindaggers  
00F51180 Lightning Brigand Twindaggers  
00F511E4 Deep Brigand Twindaggers  
00F51248 Dark Brigand Twindaggers  
00F512AC Poison Brigand Twindaggers  
00F51310 Blood Brigand Twindaggers  
00F51374 Raw Brigand Twindaggers  
00F513D8 Blessed Brigand Twindaggers  
00F5143C Hollow Brigand Twindaggers  
00F53570 Gotthard Twinswords  
00F535D4 Heavy Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53638 Sharp Gotthard Twinswords  
00F5369C Refined Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53700 Simple Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53764 Crystal Gotthard Twinswords  
00F537C8 Fire Gotthard Twinswords  
00F5382C Chaos Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53890 Lightning Gotthard Twinswords  
00F538F4 Deep Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53958 Dark Gotthard Twinswords  
00F539BC Poison Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53A20 Blood Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53A84 Raw Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53AE8 Blessed Gotthard Twinswords  
00F53B4C Hollow Gotthard Twinswords  
00F58390 Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F583F4 Heavy Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58458 Sharp Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F584BC Refined Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58520 Simple Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58584 Crystal Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F585E8 Fire Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F5864C Chaos Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F586B0 Lightning Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58714 Deep Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58778 Dark Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F587DC Poison Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58840 Blood Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F588A4 Raw Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F58908 Blessed Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F5896C Hollow Onikiri and Ubadachi  
00F5AAA0 Drang Twinspears  
00F5AB04 Heavy Drang Twinspears  
00F5AB68 Sharp Drang Twinspears  
00F5ABCC Refined Drang Twinspears  
00F5AC30 Simple Drang Twinspears  
00F5AC94 Crystal Drang Twinspears  
00F5ACF8 Fire Drang Twinspears  
00F5AD5C Chaos Drang Twinspears  
00F5ADC0 Lightning Drang Twinspears  
00F5AE24 Deep Drang Twinspears  
00F5AE88 Dark Drang Twinspears  
00F5AEEC Poison Drang Twinspears  
00F5AF50 Blood Drang Twinspears  
00F5AFB4 Raw Drang Twinspears  
00F5B018 Blessed Drang Twinspears  
00F5B07C Hollow Drang Twinspears  
00F61FD0 Drang Hammers  
00F62034 Heavy Drang Hammers  
00F62098 Sharp Drang Hammers  
00F620FC Refined Drang Hammers  
00F62160 Simple Drang Hammers  
00F621C4 Crystal Drang Hammers  
00F62228 Fire Drang Hammers  
00F6228C Chaos Drang Hammers  
00F622F0 Lightning Drang Hammers  
00F62354 Deep Drang Hammers  
00F623B8 Dark Drang Hammers  
00F6241C Poison Drang Hammers  
00F62480 Blood Drang Hammers  
00F624E4 Raw Drang Hammers  
00F62548 Blessed Drang Hammers  
00F625AC Hollow Drang Hammers  
01312D00 Buckler  
01312D64 Heavy Buckler  
01312DC8 Sharp Buckler  
01312E2C Refined Buckler  
01312E90 Simple Buckler  
01312EF4 Crystal Buckler  
01312F58 Fire Buckler  
01312FBC Chaos Buckler  
01313020 Lightning Buckler  
01313084 Deep Buckler  
013130E8 Dark Buckler  
0131314C Poison Buckler  
013131B0 Blood Buckler  
01313214 Raw Buckler  
01313278 Blessed Buckler  
013132DC Hollow Buckler  
01315410 Small Leather Shield  
01315474 Heavy Small Leather Shield  
013154D8 Sharp Small Leather Shield  
0131553C Refined Small Leather Shield  
013155A0 Simple Small Leather Shield  
01315604 Crystal Small Leather Shield  
01315668 Fire Small Leather Shield  
013156CC Chaos Small Leather Shield  
01315730 Lightning Small Leather Shield  
01315794 Deep Small Leather Shield  
013157F8 Dark Small Leather Shield  
0131585C Poison Small Leather Shield  
013158C0 Blood Small Leather Shield  
01315924 Raw Small Leather Shield  
01315988 Blessed Small Leather Shield  
013159EC Hollow Small Leather Shield  
0131A230 Round Shield  
0131A294 Heavy Round Shield  
0131A2F8 Sharp Round Shield  
0131A35C Refined Round Shield  
0131A3C0 Simple Round Shield  
0131A424 Crystal Round Shield  
0131A488 Fire Round Shield  
0131A4EC Chaos Round Shield  
0131A550 Lightning Round Shield  
0131A5B4 Deep Round Shield  
0131A618 Dark Round Shield  
0131A67C Poison Round Shield  
0131A6E0 Blood Round Shield  
0131A744 Raw Round Shield  
0131A7A8 Blessed Round Shield  
0131A80C Hollow Round Shield  
0131C940 Large Leather Shield  
0131C9A4 Heavy Large Leather Shield  
0131CA08 Sharp Large Leather Shield  
0131CA6C Refined Large Leather Shield  
0131CAD0 Simple Large Leather Shield  
0131CB34 Crystal Large Leather Shield  
0131CB98 Fire Large Leather Shield  
0131CBFC Chaos Large Leather Shield  
0131CC60 Lightning Large Leather Shield  
0131CCC4 Deep Large Leather Shield  
0131CD28 Dark Large Leather Shield  
0131CD8C Poison Large Leather Shield  
0131CDF0 Blood Large Leather Shield  
0131CE54 Raw Large Leather Shield  
0131CEB8 Blessed Large Leather Shield  
0131CF1C Hollow Large Leather Shield  
01323E70 Hawkwood’s Shield  
01323ED4 Hawkwood’s Heavy Shield  
01323F38 Hawkwood’s Sharp Shield  
01323F9C Hawkwood’s Refined Shield  
01324000 Hawkwood’s Simple Shield  
01324064 Hawkwood’s Crystal Shield  
013240C8 Hawkwood’s Fire Shield  
0132412C Hawkwood’s Chaos Shield  
01324190 Hawkwood’s Lightning Shield  
013241F4 Hawkwood’s Deep Shield  
01324258 Hawkwood’s Dark Shield  
013242BC Hawkwood’s Poison Shield  
01324320 Hawkwood’s Blood Shield  
01324384 Hawkwood’s Raw Shield  
013243E8 Hawkwood’s Blessed Shield  
0132444C Hawkwood’s Hollow Shield  
01326580 Iron Round Shield  
013265E4 Heavy Iron Shield  
01326648 Sharp Iron Shield  
013266AC Refined Iron Shield  
01326710 Simple Iron Shield  
01326774 Crystal Iron Shield  
013267D8 Fire Iron Shield  
0132683C Chaos Iron Shield  
013268A0 Lightning Iron Shield  
01326904 Deep Iron Shield  
01326968 Dark Iron Shield  
013269CC Poison Iron Shield  
01326A30 Blood Iron Shield  
01326A94 Raw Iron Shield  
01326AF8 Blessed Iron Shield  
01326B5C Hollow Iron Shield  
0132DAB0 Wooden Shield  
0132DB14 Heavy Wooden Shield  
0132DB78 Sharp Wooden Shield  
0132DBDC Refined Wooden Shield  
0132DC40 Simple Wooden Shield  
0132DCA4 Crystal Wooden Shield  
0132DD08 Fire Wooden Shield  
0132DD6C Chaos Wooden Shield  
0132DDD0 Lightning Wooden Shield  
0132DE34 Deep Wooden Shield  
0132DE98 Dark Wooden Shield  
0132DEFC Poison Wooden Shield  
0132DF60 Blood Wooden Shield  
0132DFC4 Raw Wooden Shield  
0132E028 Blessed Wooden Shield  
0132E08C Hollow Wooden Shield  
013301C0 Kite Shield  
01330224 Heavy Kite Shield  
01330288 Sharp Kite Shield  
013302EC Refined Kite Shield  
01330350 Simple Kite Shield  
013303B4 Crystal Kite Shield  
01330418 Fire Kite Shield  
0133047C Chaos Kite Shield  
013304E0 Lightning Kite Shield  
01330544 Deep Kite Shield  
013305A8 Dark Kite Shield  
0133060C Poison Kite Shield  
01330670 Blood Kite Shield  
013306D4 Raw Kite Shield  
01330738 Blessed Kite Shield  
0133079C Hollow Kite Shield  
013328D0 Ghru Rotshield  
01332934 Heavy Ghru Rotshield  
01332998 Sharp Ghru Rotshield  
013329FC Refined Ghru Rotshield  
01332A60 Simple Ghru Rotshield  
01332AC4 Crystal Ghru Rotshield  
01332B28 Fire Ghru Rotshield  
01332B8C Chaos Ghru Rotshield  
01332BF0 Lightning Ghru Rotshield  
01332C54 Deep Ghru Rotshield  
01332CB8 Dark Ghru Rotshield  
01332D1C Poison Ghru Rotshield  
01332D80 Blood Ghru Rotshield  
01332DE4 Raw Ghru Rotshield  
01332E48 Blessed Ghru Rotshield  
01332EAC Hollow Ghru Rotshield  
013376F0 Havel’s Greatshield  
01339E00 Target Shield  
01339E64 Heavy Target Shield  
01339EC8 Sharp Target Shield  
01339F2C Refined Target Shield  
01339F90 Simple Target Shield  
01339FF4 Crystal Target Shield  
0133A058 Fire Target Shield  
0133A0BC Chaos Target Shield  
0133A120 Lightning Target Shield  
0133A184 Deep Target Shield  
0133A1E8 Dark Target Shield  
0133A24C Poison Target Shield  
0133A2B0 Blood Target Shield  
0133A314 Raw Target Shield  
0133A378 Blessed Target Shield  
0133A3DC Hollow Target Shield  
0133C510 Elkhorn Round Shield  
0133C574 Heavy Elkhorn Shield  
0133C5D8 Sharp Elkhorn Shield  
0133C63C Refined Elkhorn Shield  
0133C6A0 Simple Elkhorn Shield  
0133C704 Crystal Elkhorn Shield  
0133C768 Fire Elkhorn Shield  
0133C7CC Chaos Elkhorn Shield  
0133C830 Lightning Elkhorn Shield  
0133C894 Deep Elkhorn Shield  
0133C8F8 Dark Elkhorn Shield  
0133C95C Poison Elkhorn Shield  
0133C9C0 Blood Elkhorn Shield  
0133CA24 Raw Elkhorn Shield  
0133CA88 Blessed Elkhorn Shield  
0133CAEC Hollow Elkhorn Shield  
0133EC20 Warrior’s Round Shield  
0133EC84 Heavy Warrior’s Shield  
0133ECE8 Sharp Warrior’s Shield  
0133ED4C Refined Warrior’s Shield  
0133EDB0 Simple Warrior’s Shield  
0133EE14 Crystal Warrior’s Shield  
0133EE78 Fire Warrior’s Shield  
0133EEDC Chaos Warrior’s Shield  
0133EF40 Lightning Warrior’s Shield  
0133EFA4 Deep Warrior’s Shield  
0133F008 Dark Warrior’s Shield  
0133F06C Poison Warrior’s Shield  
0133F0D0 Blood Warrior’s Shield  
0133F134 Raw Warrior’s Shield  
0133F198 Blessed Warrior’s Shield  
0133F1FC Hollow Warrior’s Shield  
01341330 Caduceus Round Shield  
01341394 Heavy Caduceus Shield  
013413F8 Sharp Caduceus Shield  
0134145C Refined Caduceus Shield  
013414C0 Simple Caduceus Shield  
01341524 Crystal Caduceus Shield  
01341588 Fire Caduceus Shield  
013415EC Chaos Caduceus Shield  
01341650 Lightning Caduceus Shield  
013416B4 Deep Caduceus Shield  
01341718 Dark Caduceus Shield  
0134177C Poison Caduceus Shield  
013417E0 Blood Caduceus Shield  
01341844 Raw Caduceus Shield  
013418A8 Blessed Caduceus Shield  
0134190C Hollow Caduceus Shield  
01343A40 Red and White Round Shield  
01343AA4 Heavy Red and White Shield  
01343B08 Sharp Red and White Shield  
01343B6C Refined Red and White Shield  
01343BD0 Simple Red and White Shield  
01343C34 Crystal Red and White Shield  
01343C98 Fire Red and White Shield  
01343CFC Chaos Red and White Shield  
01343D60 Lightning Red and White Shield  
01343DC4 Deep Red and White Shield  
01343E28 Dark Red and White Shield  
01343E8C Poison Red and White Shield  
01343EF0 Blood Red and White Shield  
01343F54 Raw Red and White Shield  
01343FB8 Blessed Red and White Shield  
0134401C Hollow Red and White Shield  
01346150 Plank Shield  
013461B4 Heavy Plank Shield  
01346218 Sharp Plank Shield  
0134627C Refined Plank Shield  
013462E0 Simple Plank Shield  
01346344 Crystal Plank Shield  
013463A8 Fire Plank Shield  
0134640C Chaos Plank Shield  
01346470 Lightning Plank Shield  
013464D4 Deep Plank Shield  
01346538 Dark Plank Shield  
0134659C Poison Plank Shield  
01346600 Blood Plank Shield  
01346664 Raw Plank Shield  
013466C8 Blessed Plank Shield  
0134672C Hollow Plank Shield  
01348860 Leather Shield  
013488C4 Heavy Leather Shield  
01348928 Sharp Leather Shield  
0134898C Refined Leather Shield  
013489F0 Simple Leather Shield  
01348A54 Crystal Leather Shield  
01348AB8 Fire Leather Shield  
01348B1C Chaos Leather Shield  
01348B80 Lightning Leather Shield  
01348BE4 Deep Leather Shield  
01348C48 Dark Leather Shield  
01348CAC Poison Leather Shield  
01348D10 Blood Leather Shield  
01348D74 Raw Leather Shield  
01348DD8 Blessed Leather Shield  
01348E3C Hollow Leather Shield  
0134AF70 Crimson Parma  
0134AFD4 Heavy Crimson Parma  
0134B038 Sharp Crimson Parma  
0134B09C Refined Crimson Parma  
0134B100 Simple Crimson Parma  
0134B164 Crystal Crimson Parma  
0134B1C8 Fire Crimson Parma  
0134B22C Chaos Crimson Parma  
0134B290 Lightning Crimson Parma  
0134B2F4 Deep Crimson Parma  
0134B358 Dark Crimson Parma  
0134B3BC Poison Crimson Parma  
0134B420 Blood Crimson Parma  
0134B484 Raw Crimson Parma  
0134B4E8 Blessed Crimson Parma  
0134B54C Hollow Crimson Parma  
0134D680 Eastern Iron Shield  
0134D6E4 Heavy Eastern Shield  
0134D748 Sharp Eastern Shield  
0134D7AC Refined Eastern Shield  
0134D810 Simple Eastern Shield  
0134D874 Crystal Eastern Shield  
0134D8D8 Fire Eastern Shield  
0134D93C Chaos Eastern Shield  
0134D9A0 Lightning Eastern Shield  
0134DA04 Deep Eastern Shield  
0134DA68 Dark Eastern Shield  
0134DACC Poison Eastern Shield  
0134DB30 Blood Eastern Shield  
0134DB94 Raw Eastern Shield  
0134DBF8 Blessed Eastern Shield  
0134DC5C Hollow Eastern Shield  
0134FD90 Llewellyn Shield  
0134FDF4 Heavy Llewellyn Shield  
0134FE58 Sharp Llewellyn Shield  
0134FEBC Refined Llewellyn Shield  
0134FF20 Simple Llewellyn Shield  
0134FF84 Crystal Llewellyn Shield  
0134FFE8 Fire Llewellyn Shield  
0135004C Chaos Llewellyn Shield  
013500B0 Lightning Llewellyn Shield  
01350114 Deep Llewellyn Shield  
01350178 Dark Llewellyn Shield  
013501DC Poison Llewellyn Shield  
01350240 Blood Llewellyn Shield  
013502A4 Raw Llewellyn Shield  
01350308 Blessed Llewellyn Shield  
0135036C Hollow Llewellyn Shield  
01354BB0 Golden Falcon Shield  
01354C14 Heavy Falcon Shield  
01354C78 Sharp Falcon Shield  
01354CDC Refined Falcon Shield  
01354D40 Simple Falcon Shield  
01354DA4 Crystal Falcon Shield  
01354E08 Fire Falcon Shield  
01354E6C Chaos Falcon Shield  
01354ED0 Lightning Falcon Shield  
01354F34 Deep Falcon Shield  
01354F98 Dark Falcon Shield  
01354FFC Poison Falcon Shield  
01355060 Blood Falcon Shield  
013550C4 Raw Falcon Shield  
01355128 Blessed Falcon Shield  
0135518C Hollow Falcon Shield  
013572C0 Sacred Bloom Shield  
01409650 Lothric Knight Shield  
014096B4 Heavy Lothric Shield  
01409718 Sharp Lothric Shield  
0140977C Refined Lothric Shield  
014097E0 Simple Lothric Shield  
01409844 Crystal Lothric Shield  
014098A8 Fire Lothric Shield  
0140990C Chaos Lothric Shield  
01409970 Lightning Lothric Shield  
014099D4 Deep Lothric Shield  
01409A38 Dark Lothric Shield  
01409A9C Poison Lothric Shield  
01409B00 Blood Lothric Shield  
01409B64 Raw Lothric Shield  
01409BC8 Blessed Lothric Shield  
01409C2C Hollow Lothric Shield  
01410B80 Knight Shield  
01410BE4 Heavy Knight Shield  
01410C48 Sharp Knight Shield  
01410CAC Refined Knight Shield  
01410D10 Simple Knight Shield  
01410D74 Crystal Knight Shield  
01410DD8 Fire Knight Shield  
01410E3C Chaos Knight Shield  
01410EA0 Lightning Knight Shield  
01410F04 Deep Knight Shield  
01410F68 Dark Knight Shield  
01410FCC Poison Knight Shield  
01411030 Blood Knight Shield  
01411094 Raw Knight Shield  
014110F8 Blessed Knight Shield  
0141115C Hollow Knight Shield  
014159A0 Pontiff Knight Shield  
014180B0 Carthus Shield  
01418114 Heavy Carthus Shield  
01418178 Sharp Carthus Shield  
014181DC Refined Carthus Shield  
01418240 Simple Carthus Shield  
014182A4 Crystal Carthus Shield  
01418308 Fire Carthus Shield  
0141836C Chaos Carthus Shield  
014183D0 Lightning Carthus Shield  
01418434 Deep Carthus Shield  
01418498 Dark Carthus Shield  
014184FC Poison Carthus Shield  
01418560 Blood Carthus Shield  
014185C4 Raw Carthus Shield  
01418628 Blessed Carthus Shield  
0141868C Hollow Carthus Shield  
0141F5E0 Black Knight Shield  
01424400 Silver Knight Shield  
01426B10 Spiked Shield  
01426B74 Heavy Spiked Shield  
01426BD8 Sharp Spiked Shield  
01426C3C Refined Spiked Shield  
01426CA0 Simple Spiked Shield  
01426D04 Crystal Spiked Shield  
01426D68 Fire Spiked Shield  
01426DCC Chaos Spiked Shield  
01426E30 Lightning Spiked Shield  
01426E94 Deep Spiked Shield  
01426EF8 Dark Spiked Shield  
01426F5C Poison Spiked Shield  
01426FC0 Blood Spiked Shield  
01427024 Raw Spiked Shield  
01427088 Blessed Spiked Shield  
014270EC Hollow Spiked Shield  
01429220 Pierce Shield  
01429284 Heavy Pierce Shield  
014292E8 Sharp Pierce Shield  
0142934C Refined Pierce Shield  
014293B0 Simple Pierce Shield  
01429414 Crystal Pierce Shield  
01429478 Fire Pierce Shield  
014294DC Chaos Pierce Shield  
01429540 Lightning Pierce Shield  
014295A4 Deep Pierce Shield  
01429608 Dark Pierce Shield  
0142966C Poison Pierce Shield  
014296D0 Blood Pierce Shield  
01429734 Raw Pierce Shield  
01429798 Blessed Pierce Shield  
014297FC Hollow Pierce Shield  
0142B930 East-West Shield  
0142B994 Heavy East-West Shield  
0142B9F8 Sharp East-West Shield  
0142BA5C Refined East-West Shield  
0142BAC0 Simple East-West Shield  
0142BB24 Crystal East-West Shield  
0142BB88 Fire East-West Shield  
0142BBEC Chaos East-West Shield  
0142BC50 Lightning East-West Shield  
0142BCB4 Deep East-West Shield  
0142BD18 Dark East-West Shield  
0142BD7C Poison East-West Shield  
0142BDE0 Blood East-West Shield  
0142BE44 Raw East-West Shield  
0142BEA8 Blessed East-West Shield  
0142BF0C Hollow East-West Shield  
0142E040 Sunlight Shield  
0142E0A4 Heavy Sunlight Shield  
0142E108 Sharp Sunlight Shield  
0142E16C Refined Sunlight Shield  
0142E1D0 Simple Sunlight Shield  
0142E234 Crystal Sunlight Shield  
0142E298 Fire Sunlight Shield  
0142E2FC Chaos Sunlight Shield  
0142E360 Lightning Sunlight Shield  
0142E3C4 Deep Sunlight Shield  
0142E428 Dark Sunlight Shield  
0142E48C Poison Sunlight Shield  
0142E4F0 Blood Sunlight Shield  
0142E554 Raw Sunlight Shield  
0142E5B8 Blessed Sunlight Shield  
0142E61C Hollow Sunlight Shield  
01430750 Crest Shield  
01432E60 Dragon Crest Shield  
01435570 Spider Shield  
014355D4 Heavy Spider Shield  
01435638 Sharp Spider Shield  
0143569C Refined Spider Shield  
01435700 Simple Spider Shield  
01435764 Crystal Spider Shield  
014357C8 Fire Spider Shield  
0143582C Chaos Spider Shield  
01435890 Lightning Spider Shield  
014358F4 Deep Spider Shield  
01435958 Dark Spider Shield  
014359BC Poison Spider Shield  
01435A20 Blood Spider Shield  
01435A84 Raw Spider Shield  
01435AE8 Blessed Spider Shield  
01435B4C Hollow Spider Shield  
01437C80 Grass Crest Shield  
0143A390 Sunset Shield  
0143A3F4 Heavy Sunset Shield  
0143A458 Sharp Sunset Shield  
0143A4BC Refined Sunset Shield  
0143A520 Simple Sunset Shield  
0143A584 Crystal Sunset Shield  
0143A5E8 Fire Sunset Shield  
0143A64C Chaos Sunset Shield  
0143A6B0 Lightning Sunset Shield  
0143A714 Deep Sunset Shield  
0143A778 Dark Sunset Shield  
0143A7DC Poison Sunset Shield  
0143A840 Blood Sunset Shield  
0143A8A4 Raw Sunset Shield  
0143A908 Blessed Sunset Shield  
0143A96C Hollow Sunset Shield  
0143CAA0 Golden Wing Crest Shield  
0143F1B0 Blue Wooden Shield  
0143F214 Heavy Blue Shield  
0143F278 Sharp Blue Shield  
0143F2DC Refined Blue Shield  
0143F340 Simple Blue Shield  
0143F3A4 Crystal Blue Shield  
0143F408 Fire Blue Shield  
0143F46C Chaos Blue Shield  
0143F4D0 Lightning Blue Shield  
0143F534 Deep Blue Shield  
0143F598 Dark Blue Shield  
0143F5FC Poison Blue Shield  
0143F660 Blood Blue Shield  
0143F6C4 Raw Blue Shield  
0143F728 Blessed Blue Shield  
0143F78C Hollow Blue Shield  
014418C0 Silver Eagle Kite Shield  
01441924 Heavy Eagle Kite Shield  
01441988 Sharp Eagle Kite Shield  
014419EC Refined Eagle Kite Shield  
01441A50 Simple Eagle Kite Shield  
01441AB4 Crystal Eagle Kite Shield  
01441B18 Fire Eagle Kite Shield  
01441B7C Chaos Eagle Kite Shield  
01441BE0 Lightning Eagle Kite Shield  
01441C44 Deep Eagle Kite Shield  
01441CA8 Dark Eagle Kite Shield  
01441D0C Poison Eagle Kite Shield  
01441D70 Blood Eagle Kite Shield  
01441DD4 Raw Eagle Kite Shield  
01441E38 Blessed Eagle Kite Shield  
01441E9C Hollow Eagle Kite Shield  
01443FD0 Stone Parma  
01444034 Heavy Stone Parma  
01444098 Sharp Stone Parma  
014440FC Refined Stone Parma  
01444160 Simple Stone Parma  
014441C4 Crystal Stone Parma  
01444228 Fire Stone Parma  
0144428C Chaos Stone Parma  
014442F0 Lightning Stone Parma  
01444354 Deep Stone Parma  
014443B8 Dark Stone Parma  
0144441C Poison Stone Parma  
01444480 Blood Stone Parma  
014444E4 Raw Stone Parma  
01444548 Blessed Stone Parma  
014445AC Hollow Stone Parma  
014466E0 Spirit Tree Crest Shield  
01448DF0 Porcine Shield  
01448E54 Heavy Porcine Shield  
01448EB8 Sharp Porcine Shield  
01448F1C Refined Porcine Shield  
01448F80 Simple Porcine Shield  
01448FE4 Crystal Porcine Shield  
01449048 Fire Porcine Shield  
014490AC Chaos Porcine Shield  
01449110 Lightning Porcine Shield  
01449174 Deep Porcine Shield  
014491D8 Dark Porcine Shield  
0144923C Poison Porcine Shield  
014492A0 Blood Porcine Shield  
01449304 Raw Porcine Shield  
01449368 Blessed Porcine Shield  
014493CC Hollow Porcine Shield  
0144B500 Shield of Want  
0144DC10 Wargod Wooden Shield  
0144DC74 Heavy Wargod Shield  
0144DCD8 Sharp Wargod Shield  
0144DD3C Refined Wargod Shield  
0144DDA0 Simple Wargod Shield  
0144DE04 Crystal Wargod Shield  
0144DE68 Fire Wargod Shield  
0144DECC Chaos Wargod Shield  
0144DF30 Lightning Wargod Shield  
0144DF94 Deep Wargod Shield  
0144DFF8 Dark Wargod Shield  
0144E05C Poison Wargod Shield  
0144E0C0 Blood Wargod Shield  
0144E124 Raw Wargod Shield  
0144E188 Blessed Wargod Shield  
0144E1EC Hollow Wargod Shield  
014FD890 Lothric Knight Greatshield  
014FD8F4 Heavy Lothric Greatshield  
014FD958 Sharp Lothric Greatshield  
014FD9BC Refined Lothric Greatshield  
014FDA20 Simple Lothric Greatshield  
014FDA84 Crystal Lothric Greatshield  
014FDAE8 Fire Lothric Greatshield  
014FDB4C Chaos Lothric Greatshield  
014FDBB0 Lightning Lothric Greatshield  
014FDC14 Deep Lothric Greatshield  
014FDC78 Dark Lothric Greatshield  
014FDCDC Poison Lothric Greatshield  
014FDD40 Blood Lothric Greatshield  
014FDDA4 Raw Lothric Greatshield  
014FDE08 Blessed Lothric Greatshield  
014FDE6C Hollow Lothric Greatshield  
014FFFA0 Cathedral Knight Greatshield  
01500004 Heavy Cathedral Greatshield  
01500068 Sharp Cathedral Greatshield  
015000CC Refined Cathedral Greatshield  
01500130 Simple Cathedral Greatshield  
01500194 Crystal Cathedral Greatshield  
015001F8 Fire Cathedral Greatshield  
0150025C Chaos Cathedral Greatshield  
015002C0 Lightning Cathedral Greatshield  
01500324 Deep Cathedral Greatshield  
01500388 Dark Cathedral Greatshield  
015003EC Poison Cathedral Greatshield  
01500450 Blood Cathedral Greatshield  
015004B4 Raw Cathedral Greatshield  
01500518 Blessed Cathedral Greatshield  
0150057C Hollow Cathedral Greatshield  
01504DC0 Dragonslayer Greatshield  
015074D0 Moaning Shield  
01509BE0 Ancient Dragon Great Shield  
0150C2F0 Yhorm’s Greatshield  
0150EA00 Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EA64 Heavy Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EAC8 Sharp Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EB2C Refined Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EB90 Simple Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EBF4 Crystal Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EC58 Fire Black Iron Greatshield  
0150ECBC Chaos Black Iron Greatshield  
0150ED20 Lightning Black Iron Greatshield  
0150ED84 Deep Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EDE8 Dark Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EE4C Poison Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EEB0 Blood Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EF14 Raw Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EF78 Blessed Black Iron Greatshield  
0150EFDC Hollow Black Iron Greatshield  
01511110 Wolf Knight’s Greatshield  
01513820 Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513884 Heavy Twin Dragon Greatshield  
015138E8 Sharp Twin Dragon Greatshield  
0151394C Refined Twin Dragon Greatshield  
015139B0 Simple Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513A14 Crystal Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513A78 Fire Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513ADC Chaos Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513B40 Lightning Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513BA4 Deep Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513C08 Dark Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513C6C Poison Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513CD0 Blood Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513D34 Raw Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513D98 Blessed Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01513DFC Hollow Twin Dragon Greatshield  
01515F30 Greatshield of Glory  
01518640 Curse Ward Greatshield  
0151AD50 Bonewheel Shield  
0151ADB4 Heavy Bonewheel Shield  
0151AE18 Sharp Bonewheel Shield  
0151AE7C Refined Bonewheel Shield  
0151AEE0 Simple Bonewheel Shield  
0151AF44 Crystal Bonewheel Shield  
0151AFA8 Fire Bonewheel Shield  
0151B00C Chaos Bonewheel Shield  
0151B070 Lightning Bonewheel Shield  
0151B0D4 Deep Bonewheel Shield  
0151B138 Dark Bonewheel Shield  
0151B19C Poison Bonewheel Shield  
0151B200 Blood Bonewheel Shield  
0151B264 Raw Bonewheel Shield  
0151B2C8 Blessed Bonewheel Shield  
0151B32C Hollow Bonewheel Shield  
0151D460 Stone Greatshield  
0151D4C4 Heavy Stone Greatshield  
0151D528 Sharp Stone Greatshield  
0151D58C Refined Stone Greatshield  
0151D5F0 Simple Stone Greatshield  
0151D654 Crystal Stone Greatshield  
0151D6B8 Fire Stone Greatshield  
0151D71C Chaos Stone Greatshield  
0151D780 Lightning Stone Greatshield  
0151D7E4 Deep Stone Greatshield  
0151D848 Dark Stone Greatshield  
0151D8AC Poison Stone Greatshield  
0151D910 Blood Stone Greatshield  
0151D974 Raw Stone Greatshield  
0151D9D8 Blessed Stone Greatshield  
0151DA3C Hollow Stone Greatshield  
015EF3C0 Torch  

Protector (307)

Id Name Note
1121EAC0 Fallen Knight Helm  
1121EEA8 Fallen Knight Armor  
1121F290 Fallen Knight Gauntlets  
1121F678 Fallen Knight Trousers  
11298BE0 Knight Helm  
11298FC8 Knight Armor  
112993B0 Knight Gauntlets  
11299798 Knight Leggings  
11406F40 Firelink Helm  
11407328 Firelink Armor  
11407710 Firelink Gauntlets  
11407AF8 Firelink Leggings  
11481060 Sellsword Helm  
11481448 Sellsword Armor  
11481830 Sellsword Gauntlet  
11481C18 Sellsword Trousers  
114FB180 Herald Helm  
114FB568 Herald Armor  
114FB950 Herald Gloves  
114FBD38 Herald Trousers  
115752A0 Sunless Veil  
11575688 Sunless Armor  
11575A70 Sunless Gauntlets  
11575E58 Sunless Leggings  
115EF3C0 Black Hand Hat  
115EF7A8 Black Hand Armor  
115EFB90 Assassin Gloves  
115EFF78 Assassin Trousers  
11607A60 Assassin Hood  
11607E48 Assassin Armor  
116694E0 Xanthous Crown  
116698C8 Xanthous Overcoat  
11669CB0 Xanthous Gloves  
1166A098 Xanthous Trousers  
116E3600 Northern Helm  
116E39E8 Northern Armor  
116E3DD0 Northern Gloves  
116E41B8 Northern Trousers  
1175D720 Morne’s Helm  
1175DB08 Morne’s Armor  
1175DEF0 Morne’s Gauntlets  
1175E2D8 Morne’s Leggings  
117D7840 Silver Mask  
117D7C28 Leonhard’s Garb  
117D8010 Leonhard’s Gauntlets  
117D83F8 Leonhard’s Trousers  
11851960 Sneering Mask  
11851D48 Pale Shade Robe  
11852130 Pale Shade Gloves  
11852518 Pale Shade Trousers  
118CBA80 Sunset Helm  
118CBE68 Sunset Armor  
118CC250 Sunset Gauntlets  
118CC638 Sunset Leggings  
11945BA0 Old Sage’s Blindfold  
11945F88 Cornyx’s Garb  
11946370 Cornyx’s Wrap  
11946758 Cornyx’s Skirt  
119BFCC0 Executioner Helm  
119C00A8 Executioner Armor  
119C0490 Executioner Gauntlets  
119C0878 Executioner Leggings  
11A39DE0 Billed Mask  
11A3A1C8 Black Dress  
11A3A5B0 Black Gauntlets  
11A3A998 Black Leggings  
11AB3F00 Pyromancer Crown  
11AB42E8 Pyromancer Garb  
11AB46D0 Pyromancer Wrap  
11AB4AB8 Pyromancer Trousers  
11BA8140 Court Sorcerer Hood  
11BA8528 Court Sorcerer Robe  
11BA8910 Court Sorcerer Gloves  
11BA8CF8 Court Sorcerer Trousers  
11C9C380 Sorcerer Hood  
11C9C768 Sorcerer Robe  
11C9CB50 Sorcerer Gloves  
11C9CF38 Sorcerer Trousers  
11CB4E08 Clandestine Coat  
11D905C0 Cleric Hat  
11D909A8 Cleric Blue Robe  
11D90D90 Cleric Gloves  
11D91178 Cleric Trousers  
12625A00 Steel Soldier Helm  
12625DE8 Deserter Armor  
126265B8 Deserter Trousers  
12656740 Thief Mask  
129020C0 Sage’s Big Hat  
129F6300 Aristocrat’s Mask  
129F66E8 Jailer Robe  
129F6AD0 Jailer Gloves  
129F6EB8 Jailer Trousers  
12BDE780 Grave Warden Hood  
12BDEB68 Grave Warden Robe  
12BDEF50 Grave Warden Wrap  
12BDF338 Grave Warden Skirt  
12CD29C0 Worker Hat  
12CD2DA8 Worker Garb  
12CD3190 Worker Gloves  
12CD3578 Worker Trousers  
12D4CAE0 Thrall Hood  
12DC6C00 Evangelist Hat  
12DC6FE8 Evangelist Robe  
12DC73D0 Evangelist Gloves  
12DC77B8 Evangelist Trousers  
12E40D20 Scholar’s Shed Skin  
12E41108 Scholar’s Robe  
12EBAE40 Winged Knight Helm  
12EBB228 Winged Knight Armor  
12EBB610 Winged Knight Gauntlets  
12EBB9F8 Winged Knight Leggings  
130291A0 Cathedral Knight Helm  
13029588 Cathedral Knight Armor  
13029970 Cathedral Knight Gauntlets  
13029D58 Cathedral Knight Leggings  
13197500 Lothric Knight Helm  
131978E8 Lothric Knight Armor  
13197CD0 Lothric Knight Gauntlets  
131980B8 Lothric Knight Leggings  
1328B740 Outrider Knight Helm  
1328BB28 Outrider Knight Armor  
1328BF10 Outrider Knight Gauntlets  
1328C2F8 Outrider Knight Leggings  
1337F980 Black Knight Helm  
1337FD68 Black Knight Armor  
13380150 Black Knight Gauntlets  
13380538 Black Knight Leggings  
133F9AA0 Dark Mask  
133F9E88 Dark Armor  
133FA270 Dark Gauntlets  
133FA658 Dark Leggings  
13473BC0 Exile Mask  
13473FA8 Exile Armor  
13474390 Exile Gauntlets  
13474778 Exile Leggings  
13567E00 Pontiff Knight Crown  
135681E8 Pontiff Knight Armor  
135685D0 Pontiff Knight Gauntlets  
135689B8 Pontiff Knight Leggings  
1365C040 Golden Crown  
1365C428 Dragonscale Armor  
1365C810 Golden Bracelets  
1365CBF8 Dragonscale Waistcloth  
136D6160 Wolnir’s Crown  
13750280 Undead Legion Helm  
13750668 Undead Legion Armor  
13750A50 Undead Legion Gauntlet  
13750E38 Undead Legion Leggings  
13938700 Fire Witch Helm  
13938AE8 Fire Witch Armor  
13938ED0 Fire Witch Gauntlets  
139392B8 Fire Witch Leggings  
13A2C940 Lorian’s Helm  
13A2CD28 Lorian’s Armor  
13A2D110 Lorian’s Gauntlets  
13A2D4F8 Lorian’s Leggings  
13AA6A60 Hood of Prayer  
13AA6E48 Robe of Prayer  
13AA7618 Skirt of Prayer  
13C14DC0 Dancer’s Crown  
13C151A8 Dancer’s Armor  
13C15590 Dancer’s Gauntlets  
13C15978 Dancer’s Leggings  
13D09000 Gundyr’s Helm  
13D093E8 Gundyr’s Armor  
13D097D0 Gundyr’s Gauntlets  
13D09BB8 Gundyr’s Leggings  
13EF1480 Archdeacon White Crown  
13EF1868 Archdeacon Holy Garb  
13EF2038 Archdeacon Skirt  
13F6B988 Deacon Robe  
13F6C158 Deacon Skirt  
140D9CE8 Fire Keeper Robe  
140DA0D0 Fire Keeper Gloves  
140DA4B8 Fire Keeper Skirt  
142C1D80 Chain Helm  
142C2168 Chain Armor  
142C2550 Leather Gauntlets  
142C2938 Chain Leggings  
143B5FC0 Nameless Knight Helm  
143B63A8 Nameless Knight Armor  
143B6790 Nameless Knight Gauntlets  
143B6B78 Nameless Knight Leggings  
144AA200 Elite Knight Helm  
144AA5E8 Elite Knight Armor  
144AA9D0 Elite Knight Gauntlets  
144AADB8 Elite Knight Leggings  
1459E440 Faraam Helm  
1459E828 Faraam Armor  
1459EC10 Faraam Gauntlets  
1459EFF8 Faraam Boots  
14692680 Catarina Helm  
14692A68 Catarina Armor  
14692E50 Catarina Gauntlets  
14693238 Catarina Leggings  
1470C7A0 Standard Helm  
1470CB88 Hard Leather Armor  
1470CF70 Hard Leather Gauntlets  
1470D358 Hard Leather Boots  
147868C0 Havel’s Helm  
14786CA8 Havel’s Armor  
14787090 Havel’s Gauntlets  
14787478 Havel’s Leggings  
148009E0 Brigand Hood  
14800DC8 Brigand Armor  
148011B0 Brigand Gauntlets  
14801598 Brigand Trousers  
1487AB00 Pharis’s Hat  
1487AEE8 Leather Armor  
1487B2D0 Leather Gloves  
1487B6B8 Leather Boots  
148F4C20 Ragged Mask  
148F5008 Master’s Attire  
148F53F0 Master’s Gloves  
148F57D8 Loincloth  
1496ED40 Old Sorcerer Hat  
1496F128 Old Sorcerer Coat  
1496F510 Old Sorcerer Gauntlets  
1496F8F8 Old Sorcerer Boots  
149E8E60 Conjurator Hood  
149E9248 Conjurator Robe  
149E9630 Conjurator Manchettes  
149E9A18 Conjurator Boots  
14A62F80 Thief Mask  
14A63368 Black Leather Armor  
14A63750 Black Leather Gloves  
14A63B38 Black Leather Boots  
14ADD0A0 Symbol of Avarice  
14B571C0 Creighton’s Steel Mask  
14B575A8 Mirrah Chain Mail  
14B57990 Mirrah Chain Gloves  
14B57D78 Mirrah Chain Leggings  
14BD12E0 Maiden Hood  
14BD16C8 Maiden Robe  
14BD1AB0 Maiden Gloves  
14BD1E98 Maiden Skirt  
14C4B400 Alva Helm  
14C4B7E8 Alva Armor  
14C4BBD0 Alva Gauntlets  
14C4BFB8 Alva Leggings  
14D3F640 Shadow Mask  
14D3FA28 Shadow Garb  
14D3FE10 Shadow Gauntlets  
14D401F8 Shadow Leggings  
14E33880 Eastern Helm  
14E33C68 Eastern Armor  
14E34050 Eastern Gauntlets  
14E34438 Eastern Leggings  
14F27AC0 Helm of Favor  
14F27EA8 Embraced Armor of Favor  
14F28290 Gauntlets of Favor  
14F28678 Leggings of Favor  
1501BD00 Brass Helm  
1501C0E8 Brass Armor  
1501C4D0 Brass Gauntlets  
1501C8B8 Brass Leggings  
1510FF40 Silver Knight Helm  
15110328 Silver Knight Armor  
15110710 Silver Knight Gauntlets  
15110AF8 Silver Knight Leggings  
15204180 Lucatiel’s Mask  
15204568 Mirrah Vest  
15204950 Mirrah Gloves  
15204D38 Mirrah Trousers  
152F83C0 Iron Helm  
152F87A8 Armor of the Sun  
152F8B90 Iron Bracelets  
152F8F78 Iron Leggings  
153EC600 Drakeblood Helm  
153EC9E8 Drakeblood Armor  
153ECDD0 Drakeblood Gauntlets  
153ED1B8 Drakeblood Leggings  
154E0C28 Drang Armor  
154E1010 Drang Gauntlets  
154E13F8 Drang Shoes  
155D4A80 Black Iron Helm  
155D4E68 Black Iron Armor  
155D5250 Black Iron Gauntlets  
155D5638 Black Iron Leggings  
156C8CC0 Painting Guardian Hood  
156C90A8 Painting Guardian Gown  
156C9490 Painting Guardian Gloves  
156C9878 Painting Guardian Waistcloth  
157BCF00 Wolf Knight Helm  
157BD2E8 Wolf Knight Armor  
157BD6D0 Wolf Knight Gauntlets  
157BDAB8 Wolf Knight Leggings  
158B1140 Dragonslayer Helm  
158B1528 Dragonslayer Armor  
158B1910 Dragonslayer Gauntlets  
158B1CF8 Dragonslayer Leggings  
159A5380 Smough’s Helm  
159A5768 Smough’s Armor  
159A5B50 Smough’s Gauntlets  
159A5F38 Smough’s Leggings  
15B8D800 Helm of Thorns  
15B8DBE8 Armor of Thorns  
15B8DFD0 Gauntlets of Thorns  
15B8E3B8 Leggings of Thorns  
15D75C80 Crown of Dusk  
15D76068 Antiquated Dress  
15D76450 Antiquated Gloves  
15D76838 Antiquated Skirt  
15E69EC0 Karla’s Pointed Hat  
15E6A2A8 Karla’s Coat  
15E6A690 Karla’s Gloves  
15E6AA78 Karla’s Trousers  

Accessory (111)

Id Name Note
20004E20 Life Ring  
20004E21 Life Ring+1  
20004E22 Life Ring+2  
20004E23 Life Ring+3  
20004E2A Chloranthy Ring  
20004E2B Chloranthy Ring+1  
20004E2C Chloranthy Ring+2  
20004E34 Havel’s Ring  
20004E35 Havel’s Ring+1  
20004E36 Havel’s Ring+2  
20004E3E Ring of Favor  
20004E3F Ring of Favor+1  
20004E40 Ring of Favor+2  
20004E48 Ring of Steel Protection  
20004E49 Ring of Steel Protection+1  
20004E4A Ring of Steel Protection+2  
20004E52 Flame Stoneplate Ring  
20004E53 Flame Stoneplate Ring+1  
20004E54 Flame Stoneplate Ring+2  
20004E5C Thunder Stoneplate Ring  
20004E5D Thunder Stoneplate Ring+1  
20004E5E Thunder Stoneplate Ring+2  
20004E66 Magic Stoneplate Ring  
20004E67 Magic Stoneplate Ring+1  
20004E68 Magic Stoneplate Ring+2  
20004E70 Dark Stoneplate Ring  
20004E71 Dark Stoneplate Ring+1  
20004E72 Dark Stoneplate Ring+2  
20004E7A Speckled Stoneplate Ring  
20004E7B Speckled Stoneplate Ring+1  
20004E84 Bloodbite Ring  
20004E85 Bloodbite Ring+1  
20004E8E Poisonbite Ring  
20004E8F Poisonbite Ring+1  
20004E98 Cursebite Ring  
20004EA2 Fleshbite Ring  
20004EA3 Fleshbite Ring+1  
20004EAC Wood Grain Ring  
20004EAD Wood Grain Ring+1  
20004EAE Wood Grain Ring+2  
20004EB6 Scholar Ring  
20004EC0 Priestess Ring  
20004ECA Red Tearstone Ring  
20004ED4 Blue Tearstone Ring  
20004EDE Wolf Ring  
20004EDF Wolf Ring+1  
20004EE0 Wolf Ring+2  
20004EE8 Leo Ring  
20004EF2 Ring of Sacrifice  
20004F06 Young Dragon Ring  
20004F07 Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring  
20004F10 Great Swamp Ring  
20004F11 Witch’s Ring  
20004F1A Morne’s Ring  
20004F1B Ring of the Sun’s First Born  
20004F2E Lingering Dragoncrest Ring  
20004F2F Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+1  
20004F30 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+2  
20004F38 Sage Ring  
20004F39 Sage Ring+1  
20004F3A Sage Ring+2  
20004F42 Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring  
20004F4C Dusk Crown Ring  
20004F56 Saint’s Ring  
20004F60 Deep Ring  
20004F6A Darkmoon Ring  
20004F74 Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn  
20004F7E Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring  
20004F88 Leo Ring  
20004F92 Hawk Ring  
20004F9C Hornet Ring  
20004FA6 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring  
20004FA7 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1  
20004FA8 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+2  
20004FB0 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring  
20004FB1 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+1  
20004FB2 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+2  
20004FBA Sun Princess Ring  
20004FC4 Silvercat Ring  
20004FCE Skull Ring  
20004FD8 Untrue White Ring  
20004FE2 Carthus Milkring  
20004FEC Knight’s Ring  
20004FF6 Hunter’s Ring  
20005000 Knight Slayer’s Ring  
2000500A Magic Clutch Ring  
20005014 Lightning Clutch Ring  
2000501E Fire Clutch Ring  
20005028 Dark Clutch Ring  
20005032 Baneful Bird Ring  
2000503C Flynn’s Ring  
20005046 Prisoner’s Chain  
20005050 Untrue Dark Ring  
20005064 Obscuring Ring  
2000506E Ring of the Evil Eye  
2000506F Ring of the Evil Eye+1  
20005070 Ring of the Evil Eye+2  
20005078 Calamity Ring  
20005082 Farron Ring  
2000508C Aldrich’s Ruby  
20005096 Aldrich’s Sapphire  
200050B4 Lloyd’s Sword Ring  
200050BE Lloyd’s Shield Ring  
200050DC Estus Ring  
200050E6 Ashen Estus Ring  
200050F0 Horsehoof Ring  
200050FA Carthus Bloodring  
20005104 Reversal Ring  
2000510E Pontiff’s Right Eye  
20005136 Pontiff’s Left Eye  
2000515E Dragonscale Ring  

Magic (98)

Sorcery (34)

Id Name Note
40124F80 Farron Dart  
40127690 Great Farron Dart  
4013D620 Soul Arrow  
4013DA08 Great Soul Arrow  
4013DDF0 Heavy Soul Arrow  
4013E1D8 Great Heavy Soul Arrow  
4013E5C0 Homing Soulmass  
4013E9A8 Homing Crystal Soulmass  
4013ED90 Soul Spear  
4013F178 Crystal Soul Spear  
4013F560 Deep Soul  
4013F948 Great Deep Soul  
4013FD30 Magic Weapon  
40140118 Great Magic Weapon  
40140500 Crystal Magic Weapon  
40144B50 Magic Shield  
40144F38 Great Magic Shield  
40147260 Hidden Weapon  
40147648 Hidden Body  
40149970 Cast Light  
4014A528 Repair  
4014A910 Spook  
4014ACF8 Chameleon  
4014B0E0 Aural Decoy  
4014E790 White Dragon Breath  
4014EF60 Farron Hail  
4014F348 Crystal Hail  
4014F730 Soul Greatsword  
4014FB18 Farron Flashsword  
401875B8 Affinity  
40189CC8 Dark Edge  
4018B820 Soul Stream  
40193138 Twisted Wall of Light  
401A8CE0 Pestilent Mercury  

Pyromancy (29)

Id Name Note
40249F00 Fireball  
4024A6D0 Fire Orb  
4024AAB8 Firestorm  
4024B288 Fire Surge  
4024BA58 Black Serpent  
4024C610 Combustion  
4024C9F8 Great Combustion  
4024ED20 Poison Mist  
4024F108 Toxic Mist  
4024F4F0 Acid Surge  
40251430 Iron Flesh  
40251818 Flash Sweat  
402527B8 Carthus Flame Arc  
40252BA0 Rapport  
40253B40 Power Within  
40256250 Great Chaos Fire Orb  
40256638 Chaos Storm  
40256A20 Fire Whip  
40256E08 Black Flame  
402575D8 Profaned Flame  
402579C0 Chaos Bed Vestiges  
4025B070 Warmth  
402717D0 Profuse Sweat  
4027AC40 Dark Orb  
4027D350 Black Fire Orb  
4027FA60 Bursting Fireball  
40282170 Boulder Heave  
40284880 Sacred Flame  
40286F90 Carthus Beacon  

Miracle (35)

Id Name Note
403540D0 Heal Aid  
403567E0 Heal  
40356BC8 Med Heal  
40356FB0 Great Heal  
40357398 Soothing Sunlight  
40357780 Replenishment  
40357B68 Bountiful Sunlight  
40358338 Bountiful Light  
40358720 Caressing Tears  
4035B600 Tears of Denial  
4035B9E8 Homeward  
4035DD10 Force  
4035E0F8 Wrath of the Gods  
4035E4E0 Emit Force  
40360420 Seek Guidance  
40362B30 Lightning Spear  
40362F18 Great Lightning Spear  
40363300 Sunlight Spear  
403636E8 Lightning Storm  
40363AD0 Gnaw  
40363EB8 Dorhys’ Gnawing  
40365240 Magic Barrier  
40365628 Great Magic Barrier  
40365DF8 Sacred Oath  
4036A448 Vow of Silence  
4036C770 Lightning Blade  
4036CB58 Darkmoon Blade  
40378AC0 Dark Blade  
40387520 Dead Again  
40389C30 Lightning Stake  
4038C340 Divine Pillars of Light  
4038EA50 Lifehunt Scythe  
40395F80 Blessed Weapon  
40398690 Deep Protection  
4039ADA0 Atonement  

Ashes of Ariandel DLC - Items IDs

Thanks Fredds.

Goods - Ashes of Ariandel DLC (4)

Id Name Note
400002E8 Soul of Sister Friede  
40000869 Champions Bones  
4000086A Captain’s Ashes  
4000086B Contraption Key  

Ammunition - Ashes of Ariandel DLC (1)

Id Name Note
000623E0 Millwood Greatarrow Ashes of Ariandel

Weapons - Ashes of Ariandel DLC (106)

Id Name Note
00222E00 Onyx Blade  
003EDDC0 Follower Sabre  
003EDE24 Heavy Follower Sabre  
003EDE88 Sharp Follower Sabre  
003EDEEC Refined Follower Sabre  
003EDF50 Simple Follower Sabre  
003EDFB4 Crystal Follower Sabre  
003EE018 Fire Follower Sabre  
003EE07C Chaos Follower Sabre  
003EE0E0 Lightning Follower Sabre  
003EE144 Deep Follower Sabre  
003EE1A8 Dark Follower Sabre  
003EE20C Poison Follower Sabre  
003EE270 Blood Follower Sabre  
003EE2D4 Raw Follower Sabre  
003EE338 Blessed Follower Sabre  
003EE39C Hollow Follower Sabre  
006D67D0 Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6834 Heavy Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6898 Sharp Millwood Battle Axe  
006D68FC Refined Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6960 Simple Millwood Battle Axe  
006D69C4 Crystal Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6A28 Fire Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6A8C Chaos Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6AF0 Lightning Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6B54 Deep Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6BB8 Dark Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6C1C Poison Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6C80 Blood Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6CE4 Raw Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6D48 Blessed Millwood Battle Axe  
006D6DAC Hollow Millwood Battle Axe  
006D8EE0 Earth Seeker  
007ECCF0 Quakestone Hammer  
008CD6B0 Follower Javelin  
008CD714 Heavy Follower Javelin  
008CD778 Sharp Follower Javelin  
008CD7DC Refined Follower Javelin  
008CD840 Simple Follower Javelin  
008CD8A4 Crystal Follower Javelin  
008CD908 Fire Follower Javelin  
008CD96C Chaos Follower Javelin  
008CD9D0 Lightning Follower Javelin  
008CDA34 Deep Follower Javelin  
008CDA98 Dark Follower Javelin  
008CDAFC Poison Follower Javelin  
008CDB60 Blood Follower Javelin  
008CDBC4 Raw Follower Javelin  
008CDC28 Blessed Follower Javelin  
008CDC8C Hollow Follower Javelin  
009B55A0 Friede’s Great Scythe  
00A89C10 Crow Talons  
00A89C74 Heavy Crow Talons  
00A89CD8 Sharp Crow Talons  
00A89D3C Refined Crow Talons  
00A89DA0 Simple Crow Talons  
00A89E04 Crystal Crow Talons  
00A89E68 Fire Crow Talons  
00A89ECC Chaos Crow Talons  
00A89F30 Lightning Crow Talons  
00A89F94 Deep Crow Talons  
00A89FF8 Dark Crow Talons  
00A8A05C Poison Crow Talons  
00A8A0C0 Blood Crow Talons  
00A8A124 Raw Crow Talons  
00A8A188 Blessed Crow Talons  
00A8A1EC Hollow Crow Talons  
00B82C70 Rose of Ariandel  
00CC9ED0 Pyromancer’s Parting Flame  
00D85EA0 Millwood Greatbow  
00F646E0 Valorheart  
00F66DF0 Crow Quills  
00F66E54 Heavy Crow Quills  
00F66EB8 Sharp Crow Quills  
00F66F1C Refined Crow Quills  
00F66F80 Simple Crow Quills  
00F66FE4 Crystal Crow Quills  
00F67048 Fire Crow Quills  
00F670AC Chaos Crow Quills  
00F67110 Lightning Crow Quills  
00F67174 Deep Crow Quills  
00F671D8 Dark Crow Quills  
00F6723C Poison Crow Quills  
00F672A0 Blood Crow Quills  
00F67304 Raw Crow Quills  
00F67368 Blessed Crow Quills  
00F673CC Hollow Crow Quills  
0135C0E0 Followers Shield  
0135C144 Heavy Followers Shield  
0135C1A8 Sharp Followers Shield  
0135C20C Refined Followers Shield  
0135C270 Simple Followers Shield  
0135C2D4 Crystal Followers Shield  
0135C338 Fire Followers Shield  
0135C39C Chaos Followers Shield  
0135C400 Lightning Followers Shield  
0135C464 Deep Followers Shield  
0135C4C8 Dark Followers Shield  
0135C52C Poison Followers Shield  
0135C590 Blood Followers Shield  
0135C5F4 Raw Followers Shield  
0135C658 Blessed Followers Shield  
0135C6BC Hollow Followers Shield  
01450320 Ethereal Oak Shield  
015F1AD0 Follower Torch  

Protector - Ashes of Ariandel DLC (19)

Id Name Note
137CA3A0 Follower Helm  
137CA788 Follower Armor  
137CAB70 Follower Gloves  
137CAF58 Follower Boots  
134EDCE0 Slave Knight Hood  
134EE0C8 Slave Knight Armor  
134EE4B0 Slave Knight Gauntlets  
134EE898 Slave Knight Leggings  
11312D00 Vilhelm’s Helm  
113130E8 Vilhelm’s Armor  
113134D0 Vilhelm’s Gauntlets  
113138B8 Vilhelm’s Leggings  
139B2820 Millwood Knight Helm  
139B2C08 Millwood Knight Armor  
139B2FF0 Millwood Knight Gauntlets  
139B33D8 Millwood Knight Leggings  
135E1F20 Ordained Hood  
135E2308 Ordained Dress  
135E2AD8 Ordained Trousers  

Accessory - Ashes of Ariandel DLC (1)

Id Name Note
20005208 Chillbite Ring  

Magic - Ashes of Ariandel DLC (4)

Id Name Type Note
401408E8 Frozen Weapon Sorcery  
401A90C8 Snap Freeze Sorcery  
40257DA8 Floating Chaos Pyromancy  
403642A0 Way of White Corona Miracle  

The Ringed City DLC - Items IDs

Thanks to /u/skzRuneStorm, /r/opensouls3, CodeSidon and Kavez

Goods - The Ringed City DLC (11)

Id Name Note
4000013B Church Guardian Shiv  
4000017B Filianore’s Spear Ornament  
4000028A Ritual Spear Fragment  
4000028B Divine Spear Fragment  
400002E9 Soul of Slave Knight Gael  
400002EA Soul of the Demon Prince  
400002EB Soul of Darkeater Midir  
4000086C Small Envoy Banner  
4000086D Old Woman’s Ashes  
4000086E Blood of the Dark souls  
4000086F Young Grass Dew (NOT Life Gem)

Weapons - The Ringed City DLC (96)

Id Name Note
00116520 Aquamarine Dagger  
00118C30 Murky Hand Scythe  
00118C94 Heavy Murky Hand Scythe  
00118CF8 Sharp Murky Hand Scythe  
00118D5C Refined Murky Hand Scythe  
00118DC0 Simple Murky Hand Scythe  
00118E24 Crystal Murky Hand Scythe  
00118E88 Fire Murky Hand Scythe  
00118EEC Chaos Murky Hand Scythe  
00118F50 Lightning Murky Hand Scythe  
00118FB4 Deep Murky Hand Scythe  
00119018 Dark Murky Hand Scythe  
0011907C Poison Murky Hand Scythe  
001190E0 Blood Murky Hand Scythe  
00119144 Raw Murky Hand Scythe  
001191A8 Blessed Murky Hand Scythe  
0011920C Hollow Murky Hand Scythe  
00225510 Ringed Knight Straight Sword  
00227C20 Gael Greatsword  
003F04D0 Demon Scar  
004D35A0 Frayed Blade  
006159E0 Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615A44 Heavy Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615AA8 Sharp Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615B0C Refined Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615B70 Simple Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615BD4 Crystal Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615C38 Fire Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615C9C Chaos Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615D00 Lightning Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615D64 Deep Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615DC8 Dark Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615E2C Poison Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615E90 Blood Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615EF4 Raw Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615F58 Blessed Herald Curved Greatsword  
00615FBC Hollow Herald Curved Greatsword  
007EF400 Ledo’s Great Hammer  
008CFDC0 Ringed Knight Spear  
008D24D0 Lothric War Banner  
008D2534 Heavy Lothric War Banner  
008D2598 Sharp Lothric War Banner  
008D25FC Refined Lothric War Banner  
008D2660 Simple Lothric War Banner  
008D26C4 Crystal Lothric War Banner  
008D2728 Fire Lothric War Banner  
008D278C Chaos Lothric War Banner  
008D27F0 Lightning Lothric War Banner  
008D2854 Deep Lothric War Banner  
008D28B8 Dark Lothric War Banner  
008D291C Poison Lothric War Banner  
008D2980 Blood Lothric War Banner  
008D29E4 Raw Lothric War Banner  
008D2A48 Blessed Lothric War Banner  
008D2AAC Hollow Lothric War Banner  
008D4BE0 Crucifix of the Mad King (Halberd)  
009B2E90 Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B2EF4 Heavy Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B2F58 Sharp Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B2FBC Refined Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B3020 Simple Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B3084 Crystal Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B30E8 Fire Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B314C Chaos Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B31B0 Lightning Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B3214 Deep Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B3278 Dark Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B32DC Poison Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B3340 Blood Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B33A4 Raw Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B3408 Blessed Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
009B346C Hollow Splitleaf Greatsword (It’s a Halberd)  
00CCC5E0 Murky Longstaff  
00CCECF0 Sacred Chime of Filianore  
00CD1400 Preacher’s Right Arm  
00D77440 White Tree Bow (White Birch Bow)  
00D885B0 Repeating Crossbow  
00F5F8C0 Great Door Twinshields  
00F5F924 Heavy Great Door Twinshields  
00F5F988 Sharp Great Door Twinshields  
00F5F9EC Refined Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FA50 Simple Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FAB4 Crystal Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FB18 Fire Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FB7C Chaos Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FBE0 Lightning Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FC44 Deep Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FCA8 Dark Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FD0C Poison Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FD70 Blood Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FDD4 Raw Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FE38 Blessed Great Door Twinshields  
00F5FE9C Hollow Great Door Twinshields  
00F69500 Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords  
0135E7F0 Dragonhead Shield  
01452A30 Dragonhead Greatshield  

Protector - The Ringed City DLC (37)

Id Name Note
11B2E408 Antiquated Plain Garb  
11B2E7F0 Violet Wrappings  
11B2EBD8 Loincloth Not the one already in the game
11C22260 Shira’s Crown  
11C22648 Shira’s Armor  
11C22A30 Shira’s Gloves  
11C22E18 Shira’s Trousers  
11E84800 Lapp’s Helm  
11E84BE8 Lapp’s Armor  
11E84FD0 Lapp’s Gauntlets  
11E853B8 Lapp’s Leggings  
13C8EEE0 Ringed Knight Hood  
13C8F2C8 Ringed Knight Armor  
13C8F6B0 Ringed Knight Gauntlets  
13C8FA98 Ringed Knight Leggings  
13D83508 Harald Legion Armor  
13D838F0 Harald Legion Gauntlets  
13D83CD8 Harald Legion Leggings  
1405F7E0 Iron Dragonslayer Helm  
1405FBC8 Iron Dragonslayer Armor  
1405FFB0 Iron Dragonslayer Gauntlets  
14060398 Iron Dragonslayer Leggings  
14153A20 White Preacher Head  
14CC5520 Ruin Sentinel Helm  
14CC5908 Ruin Sentinel Armor  
14CC5CF0 Ruin Sentinel Gauntlets  
14CC60D8 Ruin Sentinel Leggings  
14DB9760 Desert Pyromancer Hood  
14DB9B48 Desert Pyromancer Garb  
14DB9F30 Desert Pyromancer Gloves  
14DBA318 Desert Pyromancer Skirt  
14FA1BE0 Black Witch Veil  
14EAD9A0 Black Witch Hat  
14EADD88 Black Witch Garb  
14EAE170 Black Witch Wrappings  
14EAE558 Black Witch Trousers  
15095E20 Blindfold Mask  

Accessory - The Ringed City DLC (8)

Id Name Note
20004E2D Chloranthy Ring +3  
20004E37 Havel’s ring +3  
20004E41 Ring of Favor +3  
20004E4B Ring of Steel Protection +3  
20004EE1 Wolf Ring +3  
20004FA9 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3  
20004FB3 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3  
20005071 Ring of the Evil Eye +3  

Magic - The Ringed City DLC (6)

Id Name Type Note
4014FF00 Old Moonlight Sorcery  
401879A0 Great Soul Dregs Sorcery  
40258190 Flame Fan Pyromancy  
402896A0 Seething Chaos Pyromancy  
40358B08 Lightning Arrow Miracle  
40364688 Projected Heal Miracle  

Unused content - Items ID’s

Goods - Unused content (18)

Id Name Note
40000115 Monastery Charm  
4000012D Holy Water Urn  
40000178 Pendant  
400001B9 Spirit Amethyst  
400001BA Spirit Amethyst  
400001C2 Oozing Charm Berry  
400001C3 Oozing Flash Berry  
400001C4 Mossfruit  
400001C5 Brightbug  
400002D3 Soul of the Great Bat  
400002DB Soul of the Twin Princes Another version of this item is used in the game
400003F2 Dragon Scale  
400007D3 Bridge Key  
400007D4 Iron Seal of the Wolf  
400007DB Dungeon Ground Floor Key  
40000835 Holy Remains  
40000849 Braille Divine Sunlight Tome  
40000858 Gwyndolin’s Finger  

Gestures - Unused content (1)

Id Name Note
4000234C Savage’s Bow Gestures can’t be picked up!

Weapons - Unused content (23)

Id Name Note
00015F90 Torch Another version of this weapon is used in the game
00100590 Blood-stained Short Sword  
006C2F50 Missionary’s Axe  
006D40C0 Dragon King Greataxe  
007D4650 Four Knights Hammer  
007D9470 Hammer of the Great Tree  
008ADAE0 Four-Pronged Plow Another version of this weapon is used in the game
00C8A730 Sacred Beast Catalyst  
00F55C80 Golden Dual Swords  
009A4430 Lothric’s Scythe  
009A6B40 Ancient Dragon Halberd  
009A9250 Scythe of Want  
00C8A730 Sacred Beast Catalyst  
00CC9ED0 Deep Pyromancy Flame  
00CD3B10 Flickering Pyromancy Flame  
00CD6220 Strong Pyromancy Flame  
00CDFE60 Deep Pyromancy Flame  
00CE2570 Pitch-Dark Pyromancy Flame  
00D77440 Dancer’s Short Bow  
00F55C80 Golden Dual Swords  
013524A0 Cleric’s Parma  
013599D0 Ancient Dragon Greatshield Another version of this shield is used in the game
01421CF0 Prince’s Shield  

Protector - Unused content (33)

Id Name Note
11DA9048 Dingy Maiden’s Overcoat  
11F78A40 Grotto Hat  
11F78E28 Grotto Robe  
11F79210 Grotto Wrap  
11F795F8 Grotto Trousers  
126261D0 Soldier’s Gauntlets  
1263E0A0 Soldier’s Hood  
129024A8 Elder’s Robe  
12A70420 Saint’s Veil  
12A70808 Saint’s Dress  
12AEA540 Footman’s Hood  
12AEA928 Footman’s Overcoat  
12AEAD10 Footman’s Bracelets  
12AEB0F8 Footman’s Trousers  
12E40D20 Scholar’s Shed Skin  
138BE5E0 Man Serpent’s Mask  
138BE9C8 Man Serpent’s Robe  
13B20B80 Giant’s crown Can’t be picked up
13B20F68 Giant’s Armor Can’t be picked up
13B21350 Giant’s Gauntlets Can’t be picked up
13B21738 Giant’s Leggings Can’t be picked up
13DFD240 Old Monarch’s Crown  
13DFD628 Old Monarch’s Robe  
13FE56C0 Frigid Valley Mask  
140D9900 Dingy Hood  
15A995C0 Hexer’s Hood  
15A999A8 Hexer’s Robes  
15A99D90 Hexer’s Gloves  
15A9A178 Hexer’s Boots  
15C81A40 Varangian Helm  
15C81E28 Varangian Armor  
15C82210 Varangian Cuffs  
15C825F8 Varangian Leggings  

Accessory - Unused content (9)

Id Name Note
20004EFC Rare Ring of Sacrifice  
2000505A Yorgh’s Ring  
200050D2 Ring of Hiding  
20005118 Ring of Sustained Toughness  
20005122 Ring of Sustained Energy  
2000512C Ring of Sustained Magic  
20005140 Ring of Sustained Essence  
2000514A Ring of Sustained Might  
20005154 Ring of Sustained Fortune  

Magic - Unused content (2)

Id Name Type Note
40359AA8 Morbid Temptation miracle  
40393870 Dorris Swarm miracle